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Scramble me up some of that MAN FOOD!

Eggs...not just for breakfast anymore. Okay, have they ever really been just for breakfast? I suppose not, but I just wanted to stress that point! I mean, they definitely play a supporting role (ba dum bum) in many baked goods and we stir fry them up into our rice or pasta. There are so many ways for an egg alone to play the star, as well. Did you know that a Chef's Toque (the tall, white hat) has 100 pleats...which represent the number of ways to cook an egg? (This one one of the first things they taught us in Culinary school). I know I love my eggs....know who else loves eggs? Men. Yup, they do. At least the ones I know do. Which led me to choosing Nigella Lawson's Mexican Scrambled Eggs as the dish I wanted to make for this week's IHCC theme: MAN FOOD. This dish is good any time of the day (or night)...perfect after a night of imbibing...and even better for the morning after! As Nigella put it "...I think I might consider overdoing it partywise just to have an excuse to whip up a batch of these."Mexican Scrambled Eggs
serves: 2 1 Man
2 Tbs. vegetable oil
2 soft corn tortillas
1 tomato, seeds removed, rough chop
1 scallion, rough chop
1 small green chile, seed & chop
4 eggs, beaten
1/4 tsp. kosher salt
Heat the oil in a frying pan. Roll up the tortillas into a sausage shape and then snip them into strips with a pair of scissors straight into the hot oil.Fry the tortilla strips for a few minutes until crisp and golden, then remove to a bowl.Add tomato, scallion and chile to the hot oily pan, turning everything for about a minute or so.Put the corn tortilla strips back into the pan and add the eggs and salt. Using a wooden spoon, move about in the pan like you would scrambled eggs.Remove the pan from the heat once the eggs begin to set and continue stirring until done to your liking.Kinda like Migas!! Only I think Migas are always (or almost always) made with flour tortillas (and they're more Tex-Mex than Mex)...I love either. But now...for the real test...found a man...just waiting there...hmmm...

Says my (Mexican) husband: This is really good. What do you call it?

Me: Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Husband (with mouth full): Oh.
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