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Sage & Lemon Chablis

Oooookay.  I feel kinda bad admitting this "out loud", but...I have "issues" with Giada.  You all know the one I'm talking about.  The part that makes me feel crappy about saying it...I have no clue why.  You know how some people just get under your skin?  That just about describes the way it is with Giada.  And my skin.  I do fancy myself as being pretty kind and open-minded and accepting, I am about to face this head on and cook with Giada for the next six months.  At least one time a week, she and I, we're gonna head into the kitchen together.  She's bringing the lemons, the ginormous smile,  and the skinny factor.  I'm bringing a clean slate and liquor.  I'm pretty positive that between the two of us and plenty of alcohol, I'll develop a whole new set of feeling towards her...but check back with me in six months to make sure.
She tried sneaking some Rosé into the kitchen this week...but I quickly nixed that.  I stood my ground and told her that this had to be a two-way street.  We're substituting a good wine for that sissy, frou-frou one, Teeth.  Capisce? 

Rosé Chablis w/ fresh Sage & Lemon
adapted from Giada's Family Dinners
yield: 1 bottle  but you can bet your bottom dollar that I doubled this for our first kitchen encounter

-1 (750-ml) bottle rosé Chablis wine
-8 fresh sage leaves, bruised
-peel of 1 lemon, removed in long strips w/ a vegetable peeler

Combine the wine, sage, and lemon peel in a clear glass container.  Cover and let stand at room temperature for one day.  Strain the wine into a pitcher and discard the solids.  Or don't...I just did it in a couple of empty bottles and left the solids right in the bottle.  Sure, I occasionally had a sage leaf or two slide into my mouth.  No biggie.
Cover and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. shyeah, right.  Serve either chilled or at room temperature.

So, with a little compromise, everything worked out pretty well during our first encounter.  I'm sure that the alcohol didn't hurt, either.  Benvenuto, Giada!

Until next week, Giada... 

...and I'll see any of you Giada lovers or skeptics over at IHCC where we're now cooking with Giada De Laurentiis for the next six months!

**UPDATE: The reasoning behind me choosing Chablis over another wine is because it already has a bit of a lemony nose and I thought I'd be accentuating that.  The lemon was very pronounced, as was the sage.  I admit, I normally drink my wine sans additions, but I liked this version for a special occasion wine.  Perhaps to give as a gift...especially if you're using a cheapo wine and are just laughin' it up with the girls. I'm not saying I'd give it to the local vintner (in good conscience)...and yeah, Chablis packs a little punch...

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