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CSN review and an omelet. Finally making a beautiful, perfect omelet again. Thank you, CSN.

If you've held a CSN giveaway sometime in the past few okay, probably more like six to eight months, it's possible that I entered.  In hopes of winning.  If you asked what I thought I would get, should I be that lucky one, I told you an omelet pan...or a skillet.  I probably waxed poetic about the desperation I felt...the dire need for a shiny new skillet that would allow my eggs to slide freely back and forth.  I may have even shed a fat, salty tear just thinking of the moment said skillet arrived and I cradled it like sweet baby.  And yet, I never won any of your giveaways.*  I took my lumps like a woman and went on with my life.  I cursed my scraggly pan that forced me to make puffy scrambled eggs when I wanted a sleek, sunny omelet.  I poached my eggs.  Even when I wanted them over-easy.  I put a smile on my face and pretended everything was all right.  Until one day;  one day when I opened up my email box and a letter caught my eye.  The subject of that letter?  Unique Opportunity with CSN StoresHaaaaaaaa-llelujah!  My time had finally come.  I could see plate after plate of omelets on the horizon.  Omelets for breakfast.  Omelets for brunch.  Omelets for 4th meal.  Omelet Gumbo.  Omelets whenever I want omelets.  Life is good.

Wouldn't it be something if I didn't end up ordering an omelet pan?  I did, though.  I even had a little bit leftover, so I grabbed up a couple of wooden spoons, because in my can never have too many wooden spoons.  I ♥ wooden spoons.
Here's what I ordered:
Honest?  I LOOOOOOOVE ALL THREE OF THEM!  What can I say about the spoons?  They rock.  They're sturdy.  They're beautiful.  Wood is beautiful.  And my long-awaited, slippery, sparkling, fantabulous skillet?  It's t*ts, man.  I don't know how else to put it.  Let me also add, that the shipping on these items was lightning quick!  No sooner had I placed my order than they arrived on my door step.  Basically.  And I was telling you the truth when I said I was gonna cradle it like a newborn.  I held it and stroked it and kissed it all over.  I even gave it a little baby talk.

So, let's head to the kitchen and see what my sweet baby cooked up.
Yes, I want to talk omelets.  Strange, huh?  I've always loved making omelets.  I love working breakfast.  Breakfasts cooks are heroes.  And when you're working out front, in an omelet station, making hundreds of omelets in a shift, people remember you.  It's fun to watch people flip eggs.  Admit it.  It's also fun being the one flipping the eggs.  Win-win.

The single most important tool to have in order to make a great omelet is...say it with me...a GREAT pan.  A torn-up, ghetto pan can bring your line to a stand still.  Don't use metal tools in your pan.  Don't scrape with abrasive cleaners.  Love it.  Coddle it.  Which brings us to our second most important tool.  A heat-proof rubber scraper.  Guard your rubber scraper with your life.  And your pan. As far as ingredients go, I like having everything cooked first.  Set out what you need...and the possibilities are endless...and be ready to stuff 'em in your omelet.  I like using clarified butter the a slipping-agent.  But a light oil or pan spray will work, too.  Although at home, I usually just use a pat of whole butter, unless I already have some clarified on hand.  Have your eggs scrambled and ready to go and then...make your omelet(s).  This is my preferred method.  Have all of your ingredients laid out...I canNOT stress this enough!

Making an Omelet
my way
  1. Get your pan piping hot. 
  2. Add a dab of your chosen fat and then quickly pour in your eggs.  Lift the edges of the egg as is begins to set, allowing the uncooked eggs to fill in underneath.
  3. When the egg is almost all the way set, flip it quickly.
  4. Turn off the heat under your pan.
  5. Add your toppings over half of the omelet.
  6. Fold empty half over toppings.
Watch your omelet slide ever-so-gracefully from your beautiful pan and onto the eagerly awaiting plate.
Tuck in!
You just don't know how happy this pan has made me.  Or maybe you do.  Omelet anyone?
I filled this one with sharp cheddar, salty bacon, and caramelized onions & green peppers.  If you were wondering...

* life goes, I actually finally DID win one of your CSN giveaways...a giveaway from the lovely Akheela of Torview to be exact...but that wasn't until AFTER I had the fortune to be asked to do a review.  See, good things DO come to those who wait.  I ordered something else that is entirely as awesome as what I reviewed here today...but I'll  have to keep you in suspense for the time being. 

*I received a gift code from CSN stores to order anything my little heart desired...and then to write a review about it.  I did not receive any compensation to write this review and the opinions are mine.  ALL MINE. My opinions.  Mine.