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Gnocchi w/ Mizithra in Brown Butter & Sage out JT, I'm bringin' sexy back!

They slide over your tongue like a deep, sexy kiss.  You feel your eyelids dropping closed while your brows are reaching for the sky in a moment.  A moment lost in rich, buttery ecstasy.  Butterflies in the pit of your stomach...excited chills up and down your spine...the newness of disrobing these soft pillows of that subtle, seductive nuttiness that envelopes them.  But it's more than just the newness of the relationship...because it seems as if you've been there before.  Familiar, earthy, comforting...  Sure, there's a hint of something unexpected...something creamy...but that just mingles and melts and you know it must have been there all along.
Gnocchi w/ Mizithra in Brown Butter & Sage
from the kitchen of girlichef
makes ~4 servings

1 lb. gnocchi
4 oz. butter
big pinch of sage
7 oz. mizithra, crumbled
sea salt 
freshly ground black pepper

Put a large pot of water on and salt it just after it comes to a boil.  Drop the gnocchi into the water and cook until they all float.

In the meantime, put the butter in a large, deep pot over medium-low heat.  Swirl it around a bit and watch it until it begins to turn golden and a gorgeous, nutty smell is released.  Throw in a big pinch of fresh, chopped sage (or rubbed sage if you don't have any fresh). Turn off heat.

About this time, the gnocchi should be done.  Scoop them out of the water with a slotted ladle or skimmer and drop directly into the pot with the butter and sage.  A bit of the cooking water will come with them, but that is exactly what you bring some of those starches along to help form that seductive sauce.  Turn the heat back on, as low as it will go and then drop in the crumbled mizithra.  Toss everything around, ever-so-gently.  Taste and season with salt and pepper, if needed.  Take off heat.

Dish up ecstasy.
Although you never want it to end, you know that this is just the beginning of something that will last for the rest of your life.  Heck, you know it'll last through've found your soul mate.  That dreamy look clouds your eyes as you relive your first time together...and anticipate all that is to come.

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