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Cookbook Review: Quick-Fix Southern by Rebecca Lang

Rebecca Lang set out to combine taste, history, family, tradition, Southern roots, and her love for the kitchen in the fast-paced world of today in the cookbook Quick-Fix Southern.  She says she was raised with grandmothers who could "run a kitchen like nobody's business" a part of the country steeped in rich playing a major role in this history.  Aiming to get meals on the table in a shorter time-frame, Lang brings Southern Classics as well as more modern dishes to the table.  Starting out with a chapter on "the basics of quick cooking in the south", you'll be itching to get into the kitchen and stock your pantry with her Southern All-Purpose Flour and Southern Self-Rising Flour, Buttermilk, Tangy Barbecue Sauce and Sugar Syrup so that you, too can bring some comforting Southern classics to your table in no time at all.

While (of course) there were little strips of paper sticking out of this book from every open edge, I started out by making a big batch of Soft Buttermilk Waffles for breakfast.  They were quick and simple.  And awesome.  I'll be using this recipe often!
I HAD to try the Jalapeño Deviled Eggs in the appetizers and snacks chapter...for Mexi's sake {ahem}.  And just as I predicted, he said they rocked.  He likes his deviled eggs as sandwich-stuffers.  Sure enough, he shoved as many as he could in between two slices of bread and raved the whole time he chewed.  Yeah.  Not a pretty sight.
Next up is a Southern classic that I've wanted to try, but for some reason never had.  Until now.  Classic Pimento Cheese is just as addicting as I expected.  I mean, extra-sharp Cheddar is a total weakness of mine, anyway.  Combine it with some onion and a couple of other ingredients and it was a stinky-delicious-crave-worthy container of goodness.
Now, something funny.  My friend Deb from Kahaki Kitchen just happened to review this book last week.  And she just happened to choose two of the same things to test out that I did.  That would be the aforementioned Pimento Cheese, and the Oats and Bacon Meatloaf.  Fortunately, I had the meatloaf in the oven the day I saw her post, so I knew to save some and combine it with the cheese to make a killer sandwich like she did!  Seriously.  The meatloaf doesn't have too many ingredients, but it is super tasty.  I think I may have actually enjoyed it even more cold.  Cold meatloaf and pimento cheese sammich....YUM!  Like seriously.  YUM.  Seriously.  Thanks Deb...great minds think alike☺. But we already knew that, didn't we!?
Last, but certainly not least, some popcorn...kicked up with the salty, meatiness of bacon...the musty, earthiness of rosemary...and the pungeant punch of blue cheese.  And don't forget the butter!  A great and dare I say addicting (again!) snack that I just couldn't get enough of.  Oh, and wash it down with a cold beer for good measure.  Your breath will be odorific!
Blue Cheese and Bacon Popcorn
serves 4-6  (or 2-3 in my house)

1 (3.3 oz.) bag natural microwave popcorn
3 Tbs. butter, melted
2 oz. Maytag Blue Cheese
4 slices cooked bacon, finely chopped
2 tsp. chopped, fresh rosemary

Pop the popcorn according to package directions.  Pour popcorn into a large mixing bowl.  Drizzle about half of the melted butter over the popcorn.  Grate about half of the cheese over the popcorn.  Sprinkle with (you guessed it) half of the bacon and half of the rosemary.  Toss and repeat with remaining ingredients.  Serve immediately.

There are tons more delicious recipes, tips and meal choices packed into this great cookbook...check it out!

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher to review, should I choose.  The opinions stated in this post are 100% mine!