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Tortilla Soup Quest/Challenge Roundup #4

It's Tortilla Soup time again!  This month's roundup is a bit smaller...but no less delicious.  I think people were very busy with holiday cooking and baking, so Tortilla Soup was put on the back-burner for a while.  I'm just over 8 months into my quest now.  So far we've seen 37 versions of this glorious dish.  That is downright AMAZING!  I want to thank all of you who have jumped in with both feet and joined me.  As I said, I've never be able to sample so many versions alone.  I've been learning a lot about what components "make" the soup.  Personally.  I have been recording my observations and listening to your thoughts, as well.  The final post after the quest ends in May is going to be a doozy!!

Check out these versions that were made over the last couple of months...
and please join me at ANY TIME from now until THE END OF MAY '11.  Simply click on the logo below for all of the details.

Candi from Family, Stamping, and FOOD! made a tame ( for the little ones) version of Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup that sounds and looks fantastic...both for the little ones and the big ones ;)

Katie from Mexican Wildflower joins me again with an almost exact reproduction of her all-time favorite Tortilla Soup from La Hacienda Restaurant.  La Hacienda's Tortilla Soup...simple...delicious...perfection!

Kim from Liv Life made a pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup for her family that warmed not just their bodies...but their hearts as well...and reaffirming that spending time together and soup are always good things.

I was truly amazed by the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed this "Good Neighbor" Tortilla Soup since it had no "heat" to it.  It did, however, have layer upon layer of complexity and wonderful flavors which won me over!

Kankana from Sunshine & Smile definitely made the most unique version I've ever laid eyes on with her  Spaghetti Tortilla Soup!

In her quest to recreate her own favorite version of Chicken Tortilla Soup from a restaurant years ago, Carla from Recipe Addict came up with this version that has a rich, smoky depth of flavor...sure to warm her up on those cold Florida(!!) nights.

My tummy is growling.  I'm off to try another versions.  A big round of applause for all six of the TASTY versions featured this time!!  Keep 'em coming!  Please feel free to link up any older Tortilla Soup posts, as well.  Simply add a link back to my CHALLENGE POST and then add the specific post url to the linky.  I do a roundup every couple of months. 
Tortilla Soup never goes out of style!