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We're all a little MAD around here... a roundup of Mad Housewives!


I couldn't resist a little March MADness fun this year.  With the gracious donations of Mad Housewife goodies from Mad Housewife Cellars, I wondered aloud just which type of Mad Housewife you considered yourself.  Well, even though I received a small number of responses, they were all a lot of fun.  Thanks so much to the following five people for sharing their inner (and outer) Mad Housewife...

Gwen from Simply Healthy Family went above and beyond in her Delicately Light and Sweet Mad Housewife post with gorgeous photos of her as a Mad Housewife, a mouthwatering meal inspired by the wine, and great words to go along with it.  She is my choice for TOTALLY MAD.

Next up is Rob, the only Bearded Mad Housewife to enter...and I think make a blog (The Bearded Housewife) just for this purpose.  Between singing the Wonder Pets theme song, doing laundry and kissing boo-boo's, I think that's impressive and he's my choice for Best Story.

Rachel from The Crispy Cook had a bit of trouble trying to locate a bottle of Mad Housewife, but she never gave up and she totally impressed me by getting into Crispy Mad Housewife character and tipping back a glass in hopes that one day she'll come across it.  She is my choice for Best Photo.

Melynda from Mom's Sunday Cafe is a Chardonnay After a Bad Day Mad Housewife.  I've had plenty of those weeks myself and think that this definitely deserves an Honorable Mention.

Carina from a punk, a pumpkin, and a peanut grabbed a bottle in anticipation of being a Mama's Time-Out Mad Housewife.  I think all the mama's out there deserve a MAD time-out...don't you?  Another Honorable Mention is definitely in order.

I decided that (right now at least) I was definitely a Lemon Bars and Chardonnay Mad Housewife least for that day...although I think I'm actually a "depends on my mood" Mad Housewife.

Thanks so much for participating in my March MADness guys!  I loved each post and want to send everybody a I will.  Gwen, Rachel, and Rob will be receiving the prize packs mentioned in the Mad Housewife Wine Contest Announcement...and Melynda and Carina, you'll receive an honorable mention prize which is basically the same prize pack minus the t-shirts.  When  you get a moment, each of you please shoot me an email with your mailing address and I will get your MAD prize pack mailed out to you.