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Sour Apple Sangria and a product review: Sidral Mundet

While we don't drink soda very often at home, when we're craving one, we always choose the type that uses good old sugar as the sweetener.  More often than not, we will grab a Mexican soda...because they are usually (always that I've seen, but I have no other basis for this assumption) made with real sugar.  I actually get a craving for a Mexican Coke every once in a while...and I love a Jarritos or Barrilito (usually in Tamarindo or Sangria or even a Toronja)...the kids like to switch it up (usually between Fresa, Tuti Fruti, Mandarina, and Limón)...but Mexi chooses Sidral Mundet 99.9% of the time.

Sidral Mundet tastes like fizzy apple juice...what's not to love!?  You should have heard the clamor when I slid the (one!) bottle that I received for reviewing from its box.  "Oh, me! Can I have it?  I want it! Pleeeeeeease?"  Sheesh.  Sorry niños, this one is all mommy's.  For testing purposes, of course.  Lest you think I'm cruel, I did buy a bigger (1.5 L) bottle from the market the next everybody else could get a glass or two.  I mean, I figured they deserved it after I gulped and smiled and made refreshed "aaaaah's" in front of them and their pleading puppy-dog eyes.  Made from 6 simple ingredients (carbonated water, natural sugar, apple juice, citric acid, caramel color, and sodium bonzoate as a preservative), I don't mind treating us to a bottle of Sidral Mundet every now and again.

The other bottle that I found nestled in next to the Sidral was a Mundet Manzana Verde (Green Apple Soda).  This one was new to all of us...I haven't seen it sold anywhere around here before.  I was a bit tentative about trying it, just because I'm not a big fan of the whole sour apple flavor-thing.  I mean, have you smelled somebody's breath after they've sucked on a Sour Apple sucker?  Gag.  But I braced myself and took one for the team.  Not bad.  It doesn't have that cloying sweetness that I was was slightly tart, yet mellow and I didn't really mind it.  Mexi thought the same thing.  Niños all thought it was pretty good.  I think it is the perfect thing to use as a drink mixer...
Sour Apple Sangria
from the kitchen of girlichef
(makes ~1200-1500 mL)

1 (750 mL) bottle Pinot Grigio
(or even a fruity Sauvignon Blanc...choose something with notes of green apple & pear or tropical fruits)
1 - 2 (355 mL) bottles Mundet Manzana Verde (Green Apple flavored soda)
1 fat lemon, sliced in thin rounds
2 small limes, sliced in thin rounds
1-2 Granny Smith apples, cored & sliced in thin rounds, to taste
Place fruit in the bottom of a pitcher, or other type of jar large enough to hold everything.  Pour in the wine and a bottle of the soda.  Taste and add more soda, if you like.  Add a few handfuls of ice.  Pour into glasses and serve cold.
Next time I'm going to make a RED APPLE SANGRIA using a Sidral Mundet and (probably) a Chardonnay...with red apple slices and orange slices and maybe some red grapes.  Interested in more?  Check out Sidral Mundet on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.
*I received one free bottle of each flavor soda (and a really cool tote bag) to review, should I choose.  All opinions stated in this post are 100% mine.
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