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Shake the Amazing Date! Strike That. Reverse it.

There is something so intriguing to me about these magical little sugar bullets we call dates.  Kind of like prunes or raisins...only not.  I mean, a prune was once a plum and raisin was once a grape.  But a date?  It was always a date.  I'm going to be honest here.  I didn't really know where dates "came from" before last week.  I mean, I knew they grew in temperate areas and that they came from a tree, but I had no clue that it was a palm tree.  I just never bothered to wonder before. Hmmm.  When I think of dates in the U.S., I think California.  Which should probably embarrass me even further since I was born in California and just realized that dates grew on palms.  But in all fairness, I don't remember anything about California except what I've seen in pictures or remember people telling me.  Back to my intrigue with these brown, sticky sources of natural sweetness.  I've always loved date bars and date balls and banana-date shakes, so when I ran across this super simple recipe for a date (only) shake, I knew I had to try it.  I think the key is adding enough ice to make it thick and cold.  Even with no added sugar, it is incredibly sweet.  I almost think you could start out with half the amount of the dates called for and adjust to your taste...although I went with the full twenty.  Jamie calls for throwing everything in a "liquidizer". Ummmm...which I figured was British-speak for blender, but my dates didn't actually "liquidize" in my I had small chunks.  And while many of those chunks sunk to the bottom, they were not unpleasant.  Apparently I need a stronger liquidizer.
The Amazing Date Shake
makes 2 shakes

20 dates, pitted
1 c. milk
handful ice cubes (or more)
pinch ground cinnamon

Put the dates and milk in a blender and blend until smooth-ish.  Add ice and cinnamon and blend again.  Serve immediately.

And I know, I know...palm trees don't take well to Indiana weather.  BUT, I'm pretty sure that was "said" way back when it wasn't as hot as (or hotter than) it is in palm-growing places.

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