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Lately... {5.9.12}

...I've been loving this cookbook.  Current favorite.  It's one of those I checked out from the library and then immediately ordered from Amazon. hold on this book finally came through at the library.  I need to finish it and two that follow before the other two movies come out.  My son read them when they first came out.  I wish I'd followed suit sooner.

...the whole family saw this movie over opening weekend.  Loved it - it was so fun!  Finally a good Hulk.

...I bawled my eyes out while my heart broke for Channing Tatum's character in this movie.  And why is Rachel McAdams so stinking cute?

...I'm eating avocado fries dipped in anything I can get my hands on.  Yup. Still using and enjoying this cookbook.
...I found this fun questionnaire at mi amiga Leslie's "other" blog and thought I'd join in the fun!  A little more about me from A to Z... 

Age:  36
Bed size:  never big enough
Chores that you hate:  cleaning the toilet
Dogs:  contemplating...
Essential Start to your day:  Coffee.  Coffee Now! 
Favorite color:  Turquoise
Gold or Silver:  Silver (or white gold...)
Height:  5' 5½"
Instrument: chef's knife
Job title:  Superwoman
Kids:  3
Live:  like you were dyin'
Mother's Name:  Kathryn
Nicknames:  Dar
Overnight hospital stays:  3 (all after childbirth)
Pet Peeve:  rude people
Quote from a movie:  You just gotta keep on livin' man, L-I-V-I-N.
Right or left handed:  righty
Siblings:  3
Time you wake up:  6:00 AM-ish
Underwear:  comfy please
Vegetable you hate:  Why, I never!
What makes you run late:  getting everybody else ready first
X-rays you've had:  Just dental, I believe.
Yummy food that you make are craving: An almond horn from here
Zoo animal:  leopard

...and I'm still obsessed with this stuff.  Can't help it.
What's up with you lately?