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Watermelon Margarita {I'll Drink to That}

Watermelon Margarita |
Well, it's about 1 o'clock on a Friday afternoon, and my plane should be touching down in Orlando right about now!  I'm so excited to be attending the first annual Food and Wine Conference this weekend!  It will be my very first blogging conference, and I cannot wait tell you all about it.

Over cocktails.  Let's start with this one.

Back in February, I had my first experience with Casa Noble Tequila.  I was a goner after the first sip.  It's been my favorite tequila ever since.  It was Casa Noble Crystal, their "blanco" tequila.  To my surprise, it was ridiculously smooth.  And so tasty.  Yes, TASTY!  Tequila that doesn't have to be mixed or hidden.  Though I do like to mix it.  I raved about it, and my husband brought me home a big bottle.  Then I secretly bought myself another bottle.  Shhhhh.

At the same time, I also tried Licor 43 for the first time.  I love it's floral and vanilla undertones, and I've taken to using it in place of orange liqueur in my margaritas these days. To some that may be sacrilege, but to those people I say... try it!
Watermelon Margarita |
Since I fell so hard for Casa Noble Crystal, I've been trying to locate the Resposado and Anejo - not to mention their single barrel editions.  I haven't been lucky enough to find any locally, but I was sent samples of the Resposado and Anejo to try.

If Casa Noble's Crystal is a smooth, sexy, sippable Blanco (and it is), then imagine it getting better from there.  Aged for 364 days in French White Oak barrels, Casa Noble's Resposado tequila is full bodied, smooth, and an entirely sensuous experience on your tongue (that's the one in the blue bottle).  Now if we move on to the beautiful purple bottle where we will find Casa Noble's Anejo - a tequila that is 14 years in the making!  Also aged in French White Oak barrels, it has a deep golden tone, with a killer body and bouquet.  Some (again, me) might say that it's tequila perfection.  It's also ranked among the finest distilled spirits in the world...but it's also produced in limited quantities, so if you see a bottle - grab it and don't let go!

Now, it's Friday, I'm in Florida, and it's high time for a cocktail.  Salud!

Watermelon Margarita
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by Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: n/a
Keywords: beverage alcohol tequila watermelon

Ingredients (1 cocktail)
  • 1/2 cup pureed watermelon
  • 1/2 cup Casa Noble tequila, any variety
  • 1/4 cup Licor 43
  • 1-2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
  • simple syrup or agave nectar, to taste
Place all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled halfway with ice, adding lime juice and sweetener, to taste. Shake it like you got it.

serving suggestions:
If you like, rim a cocktail glass with sugar or salt. Fill with ice or frozen watermelon balls (see below), and then strain the margarita into the glass. Enjoy cold!

Try adding a few fresh mint leaves to the cocktail shaker first, bruising them with a muddler before adding remaining ingredients. Add a sprig of mint as garnish.

Multiply the ingredients to make a pitcher full for a party.

to make frozen watermelon balls:
Use a melon baller to cut balls from a watermelon. Lay them in a single layer on a plate or tray; freeze until solid. If you're not using them right away, transfer to a freezer baggie until needed. Add to cocktail glass before adding the cocktail, in place of ice.

I love using these in place of ice because they don't dilute the cocktail...and then you're left with booze-soaked watermelon balls to munch on when you're done with your cocktail.

Make a whole watermelon's worth of balls and freeze the whole batch if you're making a pitcher of margaritas!

Watermelon Margarita |

I received a few sample bottles of Casa Noble Tequila for tasting purposes.  However, it was not my first time trying the Crystal variety - it's been my favorite brand of tequila since my first sip. As always, all opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.