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Global Street Food - a #SundaySupper Preview

#SundaySupper Global Street Food Preview |
I think that one of the absolute best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of a certain city, country, or region is through food.  The good stuff.  The food that people make in their own kitchens from scratch handed down through generations.  The food that you can buy from small street vendors or carts.  The food that you can order from the window of an obscure food truck.  Food is the heart of most any culture!

So, I am incredibly excited to be co-hosting a #SundaySupper all about Global Street Food this week with my friend Bea from The Not So Cheesy Kitchen!  We'll be diving into memories of our favorite street food experiences, as well as trying the street foods of places we have yet to travel to.
#SundaySupper Global Street Food Preview |
Check out what is in store for you this Sunday!  Do you see any of your favorite street foods on the list?  What are some of your personal favorites that you don't see?  I absolutely cannot wait for Sunday....

Bread on the Boulevard
Hand-Held Savory Eats
To-Go Containers
Sweets on the Streets
Grab a Thermos 
Sunday Supper Movement Let's hit the pavement this Sunday in search of the best street food from around the globe!  Join us for a #SundaySupper event featuring Global Street Food that we've made in our own kitchens, in honor of our favorites and/or those we would love to try!

We'll also be holding our live #SundaySupper twitter chat at 7pm (ET) on Sunday evening.  We'd love to have you join us as we discuss the best and the worst of Global Street Food!

Heather is a Michiana-based food, drink, and travel writer with a fondness for garlic, freshly baked bread, stinky cheese, dark beer, and Mexican food—who believes that immersing herself in different cultures one bite at a time is the best path to enlightenment.


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