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BYOB - Bake Your Own Bread

Inspired by a great new bread baking cookbook, a "bread boot camp" course, and having to shell out the big bucks for a loaf of Country French bread, Sandy of At the Baker's Bench set off on a mission to bake her own bread for the whole year.  And thus, in January of 2009, BYOB (bake your own bread) was born.  In June of 2010, the bread basket was passed to Cathy of Bread Experience.  And now, I am happy to announce that starting in January of 2012, I will be picking up the bread basket!  

BYOB is a monthly event that encourages you to start (or continue) getting comfortable baking bread in your own kitchen.  Anything from simple quick breads to conquering that fear of yeast to making and nurturing your own sourdough starter.  All levels of bakers are welcome to participate.  It's simple- just bake some bread, buns, rolls, biscuits, sweet rolls, etc.  Blog about them like your normally would...and then, by a designated day each month, send your link over to me.  I will do a roundup on the last day of each month showcasing everybody's efforts.

Why should you bake your own bread?  Well.  Not only can it help to reduce food costs, it is also a fantastic stress reliever!  From the simple, methodical rhythm of stirring together a simple quick bread to the mixing, kneading, punching, and loving care of a yeast bread.  The smell that permeates your kitchen is almost enough reward in itself.
*update 6/25/12- I am happy to announce my two new co-host starting in July '12:

Connie from My Discovery of Bread

We have decided to change up the format of BYOB a little bit starting in July '12.  Let me start by saying that, as always, ALL bread baking posts are welcome.  But we also wanted to add an optional element to BYOB each month.  On the first of each month, in the linky post for the month, we will be announcing a BYOB - Featured Bread Blog.  Our goal is to introduce and become familiar with other home bread bakers around the blogosphere.  If you want to participate in the optional element, simply follow the link and pick a bread recipe(s) to bake from our featured blog.

Please be sure to take your own photos and re-write the recipe in your own words.  It's important to respect every individual's effort and the work they put into their own posts.  Also be sure to link back to the original recipe on the featured blog.

When you link a post inspired by the BYOB - Featured Bread Blog for the month, be sure to place an asterik (*) before the title.  We will then round-up all of these posts in the following month's BYOB post before the linky and the announcement of the new featured bread blog for the month.

The featured bread blog does not have to be solely about bread, it just has to contain enough bread recipes to offer choices for those who want to join in.  It should also contain an index or an easy way of browsing and finding recipes.  Suggestions are always welcome via comment or email.

How to participate (the rules):
1.) Blog about bread.  It can be a post about baking bread in any form (yeast, wild yeast, quick breads, flat breads, sweet, savory, loaves, rolls, breadsticks, tortillas, scones, biscuits, crackers, etc.).  It could also be a recipe that uses bread in it or as a base (pizza, bread pudding, sandwiches, etc.).  Or it could be an informative post, a tutorial or how-to post (such as how to make sourdough, bread baking essentials, favorite products for baking bread, etc.).  It could be a review of a book or cookbook having to do with bread.  It could be a photo-only post (bread festival, bakery tour, etc.).  Anything that inspires us to bake bread at home.

2.) Include a link back to this post or any of the monthly link-up posts (link in my sidebar or at the bottom) OR link to one of the other hosts.  As long as there is a link that leads people back to BYOB.  You can use a text link or the BYOB button.

  3.) Add a link to your post in the current month's BYOB linky/roundup post on either of the hosting blogs.  If you are participating in the optional BYOB - Featured Bread Blog, please place an asterik (*) before your title when entering your link.  (example: *Maple Cinnamon Rolls) This is so that we can easily spot those posts for our featured bread blog roundup.

4.)  Please link only posts from the current month.
BYOB 125 x 125

*I will be tweeting submitted posts using the Twitter hashtag #BakeYourOwnBread (feel free to use this to promote linked posts, as well).  I will also be adding posts to the BYOB Pinterest board!*

Roundups/Link-up Posts past and present

(2013: I'm passing the bread basket to Roxana's Home Baking. Update 8/2013: The bread basket has been passed once again, please head over to Sweet and That's It to share your freshly baked bread!)

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