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PR + Media - Working with Heather (and All Roads Lead to the Kitchen)

Product/Services Reviews
I do accept products and services for review.  I try to stick with things that fall within my area of expertise, which means something that I can relate back to the kitchen (or food).  I happily accept food, beverages (alcoholic or non), kitchen tools/utensils/dishes/glasses/linens/etc., books, cookbooks, movies, and other things along those lines.

I will also accept travel-related items, as food is a part of any and every culture and place.

If you send me a product, you can expect a social media shout-out (includes a photo) on all of my channels, tagging your company if you are on that particular channel.   Unless agreed upon beforehand in writing, I cannot guarantee an entire post devoted to your product.  If I love it, I will probably devote a post to it.  If I like it, it may get featured in a post featuring several products.  If I am on the fence or dislike it, you won't see a mention of it.  I give honest reviews, but I don't like to put the negative out there, unless it is a matter of safety.

If you have something that you would like to to review, but do not see it listed, and think it would be a good fit, feel free to email me the details.

I will hold a giveaway featuring your product IF I like your product (or think that my readers will like it).  This means that if you would like me to hold a giveaway, you need to send me the same product you want to send my readers first so that I can try it for myself and take my own photographs.

Email me for further discussion.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are a fabulous way to get more exposure for your brand.  I do accept sponsored posts, with fees that range depending on what you are looking for in my post.  Again, I would need to try the product/service that I am talking about.

Email me for further discussion.

Sponsorship / Brand Ambassador
I am happy to work with you to help promote what is unique and special about your brand through blog posts and social media.  I am available to represent your company at food and beverage conferences (paid ticket, travel, and lodging required if not local).

Email me to discuss further.

Guest Posts
I do not accept solicited guest posts.  You may see guest posts on my site, but they are all hand-picked and invited by me.  Please do not ask if you can send me a guest post to "share with my readers".  If you do, I will delete and you will not receive a reply.

Recipe Development
I will happily work with your brand to create any type of recipe that you are looking for.  Email with request and for pricing.

Contact Info
mailing/shipping address: available upon request