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#FridayPieDay - PIE on the last friday of every month!
Welcome to my #FridayPieDay series, in which I will make and share at least one pie on the last Friday of each month for the forseeable future! Homemade pie (crust and all) was one of the very first things that I learned to do well in the kitchen, but I've sort of let the art of pie making fall by the wayside over the past fifteen years or so. I will no longer neglect the pie.

Fruit pies, nut pies, and pot pies have always been my pies of choice, but I'm going to use this opportunity to branch out a bit. I'll be exploring the world of cream pies, hand pies, and slab pies (and beyond) in addition to my beloved fruit and nut pies on the sweet side, and pot pies on the savory. I may devote some months to crust, technique, or tools of the trade, as well. It's gonna be a pie extravaganza up in here.

Who knows, maybe I can lure Dean Winchester to my table one day...


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