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Another Tortilla Soup Round-up (#2)! Plus a kinda-sorta-mini review of....

The Quest continues!  Which quest you ask?  Why, my quest to find THE BEST version of Tortilla Soup around if it's even possible to narrow it down.  About 5 months ago I put out a call for help...because I can't finish my quest alone...I need all of the Tortilla Soup makers, testers, and slurpers that I can to make different versions and send them along for me to add to the seemingly endless list!  So, in case you hadn't heard... Calling all soup addicts!!  Soup Addicts!! Please make a version of tortilla soup and then blog about it and link it up so that I can torture myself a little bit more.  If you're interested, simply click on that button.  The one below these words.  You can get the nitty-gritty there.  Check out all of the Tortilla Soup that was made since last time...

Rebecka of At Home with Rebecka brought her own Tortilla Soup which is chock-full of glorious goodies such as roasted chiles, corn, chicken breast, pintos, and tequila...just to name a few! Also...Rebecka is hosting Culinary Smackdown: Battle Chile this I challenge you to use some glorious chiles in your own Tortilla Soup and send it to both of  us ☺!
Rebecka's Tortilla Soup from Rebecka of At Home with Rebecka
I ...Heather...from right here... came up with a super fast, super simple, super flavor-packed bowl of green goodness...with big, fat squares of fried tortillas. YUM!  A definite front runner.
Quick & Green Tortilla Soup from me (Heather) of girlichef
The day was cloudy and rainy when Laura from The Cooking Photographer put together this vegetarian version of tortilla soup that is so packed with rich goodness she swears you'll never be able to tell it's missing meat.  I bet I'd agree, because some of my favorite versions are meatless!
Vegetarian  Tortilla Soup from Laura of  The Cooking Photographer
Katie from Mexican Wildflower...who happens to be a missionary at a deaf school in Baja- and I just think that is so cool...made a pot of tortilla soup in the midst of Bicentennial celebrations. Awesome!
A gorgeous red Tortilla Soup from Katie of  Mexican Wildflower

After having tried Tortilla Soup for the first (!!!) time, Debbie of The Friday Friends made a replica of a famous version and says... "Seriously tho, this soup was really, really, really good.  I could have eaten it for 3 more days... mmmm,mmmm good." Gotcha Debbie ;-)
Houston's Tortilla Soup from Debbie of The Friday Friends

Andrea of Andrea the Kitchen Witch used up some things in her kitchen to make some soup and came up with a keeper.  She says, "I've made tortilla soup many times and it always follows the same basic recipe. And its usually good, not great, but good. This tortilla soup, however, was amazingly good. What a taste sensation! It was the first time that I added lime, something I'll never leave out again. Other than the chicken stock, this soup contains no meat. Between the beans and toppings I guarantee you'll never miss the meat. I cook corn tortillas into my soup, rather than just garnishing the top with them. After all, this is tortilla soup!"  Yes it is, Andrea.  Yes. it. is.
A super flavor-packed Tortilla Soup from Andrea-The Kitchen Witch
Pam from Sidewalk Shoes has EXCELLENT taste...I mean, when speaking of my all-encompassing love of Tortilla Soup, she wholeheartedly agrees with me..."Seriously.  I could eat this every week and never grow tired of it.  I don’t know what I like more, the soup, or the accompaniments.  It’s really the perfect soup." Told you all so!  Pam tested an Ina version that I've heard great things about in the past.
Mexican Chicken (Tortilla) Soup from Pam at Sidewalk Shoes

Dr. Dan of 101 Cooking for Two christens his new soup pot with a quick (and delicious) version of Tortilla Soup based on a version from Taste of Home.  Man.  Is anybody else's stomach growling!?
Quick Tortilla Chicken Vegetable Soup from Dr. Dan at 101 Cooking for Two

I think every version looks totally tantalizing (alliteration is is assonance...) and wish I could try each one myself...but since I can't, I'm so glad you all tested them for me!  Cuz I know you did it for me.  Pshaw...
...and now for a kinda-sorta-mini-review of Qdoba "Mexican" Restaurant. And I say "Mexican" because it is Mexican in the way that Taco Bell is Mexican.  Only it's more expensive.  Not to say it wasn't decent.  I mean, it was ah-ight for fast food.  Taco Bell rocks when you're drunk...and I imagine Qdoba would, too.  Mexi and I both ordered a combo, which included a quesadilla and a bowl of "Tortilla" Soup.  There I go with the " " again!  Just look.  You'll understand completely.  I'll start with the quesadilla.  Yeah, I can make a frickin' mean quesadilla...and for WAY less than I paid for this one...
Yes, it was that won it a few bonus points. Otherwise...  Can I now show you Qdoba's "Tortilla" Soup?  Okay.  Brace yourself.  No really.  Oh! And look closely...what do you or rather don't you see?
Yeah.  So I hereby disqualify it from the Tortilla Soup category.  I'm sorry to all the Qdoba lovers out there.  Sorry that you've never eaten a bowl of actual Tortilla Soup.  Don't be a hater.  I'm still your friend.  By a thread.  BUT WAIT!  I did find something that would fit their Mexican label...
...this hereby concludes my kinda-sorta-mini review of Qdoba "Mexican" Restaurant.


If I ruffled your feathers and you want to defend your beloved Qdoba-style Tortilla Soup...then I urge you to do so through a recreation and a blog post.  That'll show me.  Just don't forget to link it up to the Quest so I can give it a second chance.  I'm totally open-minded like that.  And as always...I'm open to ANY VERSION of Tortilla Soup as long as it contains tortillas in some shape or form!.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I'll round 'em all up again once I've gotten a fair amount of new entries ☺.