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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's Fat Tuesday....Mardi Gras....Hooray for Pączki's!
Pączki for Fat Tuesday |
Have you had your Pączki yet? Do you know what a Pączki is? It's pronounced "poonch-key" or "punch-key". It is a yeast-raised Polish pastry eaten on the Tuesday before Ash marks "Fat Tuesday" (which is the translation of Mardi Gras)! One last indulgence before Lent (and a way to use up all the eggs, cream, sugar and other foods forbidden during Lent)...hence one last indulgence before fasting. Fasting...Fasting?! Yikes, not for me, but then again, I'm not Catholic...or Polish. What I am is a supporter of my local bakery...they make the softest, richest Paczki's around.

Pączki for Fat Tuesday |
This year, I chose a Bavarian filled Pą hubby chose Strawberry filled...we have a Chocolate filled one still staring at us from the counter. With all the choices, no wonder it's called "Fat" Tuesday....Bavarian, Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Prune, Blueberry, Apple, Lemon, Peach, Apricot...what's your favorite Pączki filling?