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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lemony Baked Goods Hate Me!

I'm convinced...any baked good that has lemons in it has it out for me! It's a sinister little plot that rears its ugly fangs and dashes my (lemon-flavored) hopes and dreams. I don't know if you say my When life gives you lemons... post a while back, but I kid you not, baking + lemons + me =flop. I've made lemon bars from a mix and yes, they worked. Cooking with problem. I make killer lemonade, for sure. But set me loose in the kitchen (armed with a recipe, even) and see what happens...or doesn't. My latest attempt at lemon-bakery (? I know, not a real term !) was a recipe by Gin from Once Upon a Gourmet Gin. Check out the actual recipe on her blog and her gorgeous picture...and then continue on to see my attempt (I'll post the recipe, too). My troubles in NO WAY reflect Gin's creative recipe...they were mine and mine alone! The thing that attracted me most to this recipe (aside from the lemon) was the fact that they are a variation of a Cake Mix Cookie. Cake Mix cookies are near & dear to my heart because my and I and possibly my brother (?) made cake mix cookies all the time when were young! Actually, we still make them...but we just make the "basic" version. Gin added such intriguing ingredients to hers that I needed to bake them as soon as possible. The Most Lemony Cookie of all Time
1 box lemon cake mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon lemon extract
1 7 oz box of Lemonheads®
zest from one lemon
1 box powdered sugar for rolling in...I just filled a plate w/ some
Preheat oven to 345 degrees I did 350 F
(1) Grind Lemonheads® in food processor into a fine powder.
(2) Add all ingredients and blend well. except powdered sugar
(3) Use melon ball scooper to measure small dough balls and roll in powdered sugar. *
(4) Place on a baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes. It is very important not to bake these cookie for more than 10 minutes. Ten minutes give these cookies the perfect texture inside and out. **
(5) ENJOY! despite the bedraggled appearance, they were still tasty
* One of my problems....I used a scoop that I normally use for scooping out my cookies...made cookies that were a little larger than the recipe intended, I think. So, switched to a melon baller and I think they were too small (I used the larger, parisienne side). Next time...somewhere in the middle.
** My cookies stuck like crazy!!! Tried to remove immediately and they fell apart. Tried to let sit on pan and they stuck. I sprayed the pan next time...same problems!!! Argh...frustration sets in. My larger cookies spread (unlike Gin's beauties) and seemed almost like a "lace" cookie. My smaller ones were very pretty, but ended up cooling to a hard cookie. Where's my in between?!
These are my 3, count them 3 tries... starting clockwise from top left, cooked a little too long, because they didn't seem done (remember, too big). Next, (still big) cooked exactly 10 minutes but super hard to get off of pan...ended up with the best texture of the 3 and last (bottom) my smaller attempt...looked great, tasted great but ended up crunchy throughout. Okay, there are worse things than crunchy throughout...because they are excellent dunked in some milk or coffee this way. Thanks for going along with me on my lemon baking adventures....stay tuned for next time :) ! ~~quick update (I wrote this post and scheduled it for later, so this update will show up when it is first posted) : Ever determined, I headed back to the kitchen to use up the rest of my dough, which I refrigerated when I gave up yesterday...I sprayed the cr*p out of the sheet pan this time and they didn't stick!!! But...they did spread more than Gin's did.....aaaahhhh! Maybe a little baking powder next go 'round. NOTE TO SELF: BUY THE DARN SILPAT ALREADY!!!

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  1. well, they look yummy despite the problems! i do have to say, silpats are the most wonderful things in the entire world. i highly recommend them!!

  2. thanks Heather :) They were yummy...i've been picking up silpats and setting them back down for years now...what is my problem!? I know I need a couple, yet I refuse to spend money (horrible reasoning...)! Next time I'll set it on the counter to pay instead of back on the shelf, lol.

  3. girlichef.... I have two words for you:

    Parchment Paper

    Once you try it, you will wonder why you never tried it before!!

    I didn't try it until I was around 40!

    Don't waste as many years as I did!


    I'd still totally eat those cookies!

  4. I saw these on her site too and have them marked as a must try. Yours came out beautifully. They look pretty!

  5. Spryte...I know, I know.... I'll use it until I get a silpat :)

    Donna...they are definitely good...i'd try them for sure!

  6. Sorry you had so many problems. They look real yummy. As long as their edible I think their worth the trouble. They are super duper lemony!! I love lemon in sweets!

  7. I would eat them! In the mood for all things lemony. Now, as a transplant to the midwest - I cannot make a proper rice krispie bar. I know. Very sad.

  8. They look really pretty and delicious!

    I have a curse on chocolate chip cookies. I have never ever made a perfect one yet.

  9. Your cookies turned out great. I got a silpat for Christmas and haven't used it yet. This is the perfect recipe for breaking it in.

  10. Sounds like you need to bite the bullet & go get yourself a Silpat. I only have one (and had to force myself to pay the money for it...because it wouldn't fit in my purse LOL). I need another.

    Your cookies, regardless, look wonderful. I'll have to try this one.

  11. those look soo good! my boyfriend & i love lemon anything! will be trying this!

  12. At first I thought your problem with lemons may be the bitter pith, but it sounds like a stickage thing. I can imagine with the lemon heads in the recipe that would make it stick a lot. I got a Silpat for Christmas but have yet to try it so I'm not sure how that would remedy your situation. Keep trying!

  13. Hi all...yes these are lemon deliciousness.

    Joie...I think it does have alot to do w/ the lemonheads (they kind of stick in your teeth while eating the cookies, too). I used a microplane, so no, not the pith. And YES, I'm going to break down and buy a Silpat! Really. I am.

  14. I love anything lemon so I think they look yummy!

  15. YUMMY!!! I think they look scrumptious!!! I will have to try the recipe. Thanks!

  16. I love your persistence! Your trinity of cookies still look so good - what a great idea to roll the dough in powdered sugar to get that crackly look (this may be a common technique but my cookie baking experience is actually rather limited). I've put a variety of super-sticky stuff on my Silpat and they slide off like magic! Definitely worth every penny.

  17. I love this blog!!! Your cookies look great. I have to agree about the lemonheads sticking to the baking sheet and your teeth!! A reader of mine suggested using a pack of lemon cool aid?? I think I might give it a try!! What do you think??

  18. ...hey Gin...I did see that kool-aid suggestion and it probably would help with the sticking situation. hmmm...think i'll pick the stuff up next time i'm at the market. let me know how it works out for you if you try it and i will, too! You've totally gotten me thinking up new cake mix cookies ideas :)!!!