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Sunday, April 5, 2009

And the Winner is...

So here I am, sitting at the hotel waiting for my house to be livable. Pretty much everything is moved into the house (minus a few boxes), there's basically nowhere to walk inside, but there are 2 big things keeping us from actually being in...I don't get my oven/stove until tomorrow and our water is not hooked up yet. Um...I must have my stove ;) . Anyway, here I am at the hotel in between loads of laundry (expensive laundry) and rounds of sandwiches when I remembered that I had to draw a winner for my Sea Salt giveaway!
First I pulled out my lucky hat (Go Spartans...Woo Hoo) and wrote everybody who left a comment w/ their choice of salt on little pieces of hotel paper.
I then put all of the little pieces of paper into my hat and my oldest kiddo did the honors. The winner is Jamie! Congratulations Jamie...please email me at girlichef [at] yahoo [dot] com with your shipping information. I will go to the Farmer's Market to pick up your sea salt and pinch bowl later this week once I've received your email.
And as anybody who has kiddos knows, when one gets to do something, the others want to follow suit. So, little sister and brother wanted to draw a name from the hat too. I decided to send out a couple of consolation prizes. I'm actually not sure what they are yet; I always realize how much stuff I have when I have to pack it all up to take somewhere else. So, Esme and Chef E...if you'd like some sort of foodie consolation prize sent your way, please email me with your shipping information and I will send something fun your way!
Congratulations to Jamie....and Esme & Chef E.
Thanks to everybody for taking the time to enter my giveaway. I hope to have another one sometime in the's so fun to give! Now it's off to see if our clothes are dry. I have one or two food post pictures saved up so that I can post some things during this transition period. Thanks for sticking with me :)

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  1. Dar,

    Your kids are so cute! I think that you had a sucessful first giveaway!! I can not wait to get the salt I ordered. I am glad the moving is going so good...

  2. Yes, the kiddos are adorable, just like their mom!

    I won something? I hope I win with my peep entry, but I want us all to win!!!

    I just talked to my son on the phone, and miss him, he is in St Louis and about to turn 22...they grow up so fast...

  3. Congratulations Jamie! I am shocked you have kids that old! You look young enough to be a student!

  4. Congrats to your winners! I haven't been here for a while and I've missed the yummy of it!!!!:-)

    I gotta go back and read your posts!

    Have a great rest of your night!


  5., Gin :)thanks. I know, I hope it comes to you quickly. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    ...Chef E- congrats! I know, all the peeps should win :) ...and yes, they do grow up so fast!

    ...Joie- thanks, tee hee. We're only as old as we feel, right? :D

    ...Tanielle- :( sorry you missed this giveaway. Stay tuned for another sometime soon (I hope)!

  6. Your kids are so adorable and you are amazing... blogging in the midst of a move. A house isn't livable (at least for a foodie) without a stove! Have fun unpacking and getting settled in your new house. :)

  7. congrats to the winners :) your kiddos are so cute!!!

  8. Congratulations to the winners :)

  9. Cute kiddies - good luck with the move!

  10. Moving is such "fun"! I am amazed you are even posting. Congrats to the winners--a fun contest for sure. (Your kids draw names better than Maz does!)

  11. adorable kids! and congrats to the winners!
    wow, moving, eh? that sure is a headache, and all the best wishes on your move!

  12. Congrats to all the winners. Your kids are cute, they must of had fun picking names. Hope your moving is going well.

  13. Congratulations to the winners and your kids are so cute. I love the way they are looking away as if they knew us and didn't want to cheat.

  14. Congrats to the winners and I hope Jamie will post something about the winning choice!

  15. How fun! I don't have any children yet, so I usually let my dog pick! :)

  16. Your kids are precious. Moving can be such a hassle. Glad everything is going well. Hope your stove arrives as scheduled.

  17. How could I have simply missed this one entry? Yay! This must be the first time I have ever won anything and I am so excited? Hug those kiddies for me (and it is so cute that they all wanted to pull out names! Congrats to Esme & Chef E as well!)

    Thanks so much girlichef! This made my day!