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Bloody Mary and Ginger Pom: Spooky Spirits!

Hope everybody has enjoyed a safe and spooky Halloween!! Just wanted to slip in some fun, spooky spirits...using these special ingredients: Perhaps you could begin your day with Bloody sure to give it a vampire cape...for a little added spooky....Bloody Mary
from Nigella Bites 

1 1/3 c. Chili Vodka I used Absolut Peppa (or ordinary vodka & a few splashes Tabasco)
splash of dry sherry
2 1/2 c. tomato juice, chilled
juice of a quarter to half a lemon, to taste
few shakes of celery salt
few dashes of Worcestershire sauce
good sprinkling of Maldon or other sea salt, to taste

Mix everything up good in a pitcher. celery stick ...and olives if you're anything like me Stir with a celery stick...pour into glasses and enjoy!!

Wrap with a square black napkin folded diagonally to make a cape if it's Halloween...or if you're just in the mood.

I garnish mine with garlic stuffed olives (the best), lemon wedge & bleu cheese stuffed olives. It'll get your motor running! And then....when you're back inside from the brisk trick-or-treat walk...feeling like you deserve a reward...mix up another spooky spirit...

Ginger Pom..add a little blood to the rim!

Ginger Pom 
1 part Pama pomegranate liqueur 
2 parts pomegranate juice POM! 
2 parts ginger ale 

Mix 'em all together...serve over ice if you wish. 

Leave out the Pama for a non-alcoholic treat...but it's really, really good with it. Lush. 

Don't forget the red gel icing, er...uh...I mean blood around the rim! 

Betcha didn't guess that this is my I Heart Cooking Clubs entry this week...where our theme is Spooky Treats & Spirits...using the recipes of Nigella Lawson!!