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Thursday, July 7, 2011

product review: Jarritos Mexican Soda

"More than sixty years ago, Jarritos was introduced as Mexico’s first national soft drink. Today, Jarritos is the leading brand in the US in the Mexican soft drink category and has become a Mexican cultural icon. Whether it is the distinctive glass bottle or the 11 unique and great fruit flavors, Jarritos can be found throughout the US in major and independent grocery stores, Mexican restaurants, taquerias, catering trucks and convenience stores. Jarritos flavors are a reflection of Mexico in its array of traditional Mexican flavors made with 100% natural sugar including: Tamarind, Mandarin, Fruit Punch, Jamaica, Lime, Toronja, Guava, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, and Mexican Cola."  ~Jarritos

I have a little obsession with Mexican soda.  A cold, sweaty bottle is the perfect thing to wash down a big plate of Mexican food on a hot summer's day.  Okay, any day...but the bright colors just seem "right" under the heat of the sun.  They make me happy to look at and are quickly gulped down by everybody at a party.  The best thing about Jarritos?  Their diversity.  If you can't find a flavor you like, then I...well, I...I don't have the words.  I have my favorites....everybody does. 
Of the eleven varieties, my personal top 5 are:
1. Tamarindo (Tamarind)
2. Toronja (Grapefruit)
3. Jamaica
4. Mango
5. Lime

My kids favorites are:
1. Lime
2. Tuti Fruti (Fruit Punch)
3. Fresa (Strawberry)
4. Mandarina (Mandarin)
5. Toronja

Mexi's faves:
1. Tamarindo
2. Jamaica
3. Toronja
4. Guava
5. Piña (Pineapple)

The only one I haven't mentioned is Cola.  What can I's cola.  I enjoyed it, as well.  I wouldn't turn it down if offered, but I already have a favorite "cola" that I'd choose first in any cola taste test at any time.  And how much of a kick do we get out of saying. I like Mexican cola.  Dirty.  But hilarious all the same. (cola=tail, I like Mexican tail.  Mexican butt.  Childish, huh?  And funny.)
I prefer just drinking these as-is.  Like I said, ice-cold...washing down a plate of Mexican food.  But, you could use them as mixers in cocktails or as a marinade or make an ice cream float.  Oh, actually a float sounds really good.  Made with real sugar, they are one of the sodas I choose when I feel the urge (because I don't drink soda often).  Natural sugar sodas all the way in my book.

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*I received a sample-pack of Jarritos for free, to review should I choose.  All opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.

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  1. Oh Mexican soda!! I'd say my favorites are toronjo and jamaica.

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  3. I enjoy these too! Mandarin is my top choice. The greenhouse/strawberry farm next door sells them. It's a treat to find soda still made with real sugar and in a glass bottle.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  4. I have seen these beautifully colored sodas before; but, I've never given them a try. I need to change that! Thanks for the wonderful review and the laugh this morning. Have a beautiful day!

  5. Yum! I want one of these now too. I love all the variety of Mexican goods I can find living down here in Austin. Thanks for sharing with me. I needed a little dose of goodness before I head off for work. I hope you have a great Thursday!

  6. These sound delicious and their colors are delightful. They sound like the perfect drink for a hot summer day. Have a great hot summer day :-) Blessings...Mary

  7. I have never tasted these drinks but I do see them all the time. Some day I may try them. Great review. I bought some hibiscus and made the tea and it was awesome. I think I will stick to that for this summer. Iced hibiscus tea, yum. I'm getting so many cucumbers in the garden that I came to your blog to see what kind of recipes you have for cucumbers. I just made some with plain yogurt and rice wine, etc. herbs. Pretty good. Okay, have to look around for some recipes. Take care and have a great weekend.

  8. Great review. I was in the store, and seen some of these drinks the other day. I have never tried any. If I had to chose I think it would be orange :) Love your food blog. I subscribed so I don't miss any posts :)

  9. The Shoprite where I shop always stocks these and I've wondered how they taste. I drink very little soda, and only diet, but I might have to try the orange. I'll admit I giggled a lot over the I like Mexican cola. Some of us never grow up, lol.

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha! "I like Mexican cola!" Too funny! :)

    We love Jarritos in our house. My favorites are Tamarindo, jamaica and fresa! :)

  11. I tend to drink soda only in the winter - water in the summer! But I must say - am loving the flavors and yes do love that they come in glass bottles and use natural sugar (yay). So I shall keep a look out - they do sound like the perfect refreshing drink after a grand, spicy Mexican meal.

  12. a girl after my own heart! tamarind is also by far my favorite. i always pick these up whenever i'm at a latin market as they're harder to find everywhere else even in California.

  13. I buy the occasional pineapple or lime ones at my local Latin market. They are a little sweet for me to drink all of the time but they are a fun treat. ;-)

  14. I see these all the time...but I've never even bought one. Definitely need to fix that soon, like the next time I have a big plate of mexican food.