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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Snacking REINVENTED with Graze

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Snacking REINVENTED with - a review
How many times have you stood in front of a vending machine waiting for something good to appear? Okay, now let me ask how many times you've stood in front of your fridge or pantry doing the same? If you're like everybody else I know, the answer is countless. Whether you work from home or at the "office", we all hit that midday (or mid-morning...or late afternoon...) slump. Well, step away from those vending machines because Graze has invented a better way to snack!

What is Graze, you ask? It's a company started by seven friends who were tired of the same old chip and candy routine. They quit their jobs, camped out in a friends' spare room, then brainstormed and worked hard until they came up with a better way to snack. Thanks to that, you (and I) can now have our choice of over 90 delicious and nutritious snack options delivered right to our doors! Well, our mailboxes.

Graze boxes are designed to fit inside a standard mailbox, eliminating the need to hang-out and wait for them to be delivered. No signing, no fuss, just a pleasant surprise tucked inside an unassuming brown box waiting for us when we pick up our mail. Of course, what's really cool is that you can actually have your boxes delivered to your workplace, if that works better for you.

Snacking REINVENTED with - a review
So, how do you sign up? It's simple. Head over to the Graze website and choose your type of box (nibble box or calorie counter box). Next, choose where you want it delivered. Basically, it's as easy as that. Once you've signed up, it's simple to go in and navigate the clean, easy-on-the-eyes website. You can choose a delivery schedule (weekly or bi-monthly). You can choose your dietary preferences (all of their snacks are vegetarian-friendly). You can even eliminate entire categories.

I love Graze's eye on nutrition. Their in-house nutritionist makes sure that every snack is made with ingredients meant to satisfy. Each box contains a variety of 4 snacks that are natural, wholesome, nutritious, AND delicious. If you look at the snack cover (or the snack name on the website), you'll see a symbol representing that snack. The symbols mean things like "a source of protein", "made with whole oats", "100-150 calories", "a serving of fruit", "fiber", "a source of vitamins and minerals", etc.

Plus, each box has a nutrition fact sheet to match the snacks packed inside.
Snacking REINVENTED with - a review
With over 90 snacks, it's very possible that there are certain things that you just won't like - that's okay! It's easy to log in to your Graze account and update your preferences. Once you've received a box and tried the snacks, when you log in, you'll see "some products you had recently" on the main page. You can then rate each snack. If you absolutely loved it and want it in your mouth at all times, click "love"; this means that you'd like them to send it regularly. If you liked it, and would like to have it from time to time, then click (you guessed it) "like". But in those cases where it just wasn't something that you ever want to snack on again, choose "trash" and you'll never receive it in another box again.

And the thing is, you don't have to wait to try something to rate it. If you already know that dried cranberries are not your thing, browse the selections and trash all the ones with cranberries. If you are a cashew fiend and don't want a single snack box without them, go through and love every cashew-containing snack you can find. You can also go through and click "try", for those things you haven't received yet, but wouldn't mind getting.
Snacking REINVENTED with - a review
The Graze team wants you to enjoy your snacks as much as they do, so they've made their website very user-friendly. I think my favorite part of receiving a Graze know, apart from the face I know my snack will be both nutritious and the element of surprise! I love opening the box and seeing which tasty snacks I have to choose from "this week".

Do you want a Graze box delivered to your door? You can try First Box Free by clicking through and entering the code: SUMMERBOX27. Go ahead, be the envy of the office.
Snacking REINVENTED with - a review
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