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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Food Inspired by The Goonies | #FoodnFlix

Food inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix
This month I hosted Food 'n Flix with my pick of movies, The Goonies. Though not your typical "foodie movie", if you're paying attention, you can find plenty of food references and inspiration from the first scene to the last. I grew up watching The Goonies. It's been one of my favorite movies since I was 10. I actually thought that everybody loved The Goonies. Apparently, I was wrong.

Is it weird that it kind of makes me sad that some people don't love The Goonies? 'Cause it does. I'm sure the non-Goonies are rolling their eyes at me right now. That's okay. I'd pick Brand over Troy any day of the week (aka I'm not ashamed to be a Goonie-lover).

That being said, deep down I know that not everybody enjoys the same things (and wouldn't it be boring if we did), and I'm just happy that even though some people can't relate to that Goonie state of mind—they can relate to food. They can also be a good sport about me choosing The Goonies this month and still play along. That's enough to make this Goonie happy.

Let's start this roundup with a couple of submissions inspired by the POTATO CHIPS!
dishes inspired by the potato chips in The Goonies

Debbie from The Friday Friends made a batch of scrumptious Chocolate Crunchies, aka cookies with salty, crunchy potato chips baked right inside. I'm pretty sure Chunk would've been all over these (I know I am)!
Chocolate Crunchies by The Friday Friends (inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eatz also chose potato chips as her inspiration in this Crisps Fish and Veggie Chips, an updated version of fish and chips. She coated her fish in a light batter and crushed potato chips!
Crisps Fish & Veggie Chips by Cheap Ethnic Eats (inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

Now let's move on to a dish inspired by the PEPSI we saw advertised so often in the movie!
dish inspired by Pepsi in The Goonies

Debra from Eliot's Eats drew inspiration from the product placement in The Goonies and made a batch of Pepsi Brownies that we're all sure Chunk wouldn't be able to resist. I'm thinking some of that canned whipped cream they were spraying in their mouths would be great on top of one of these, too!
Pepsi Brownies by Eliot's Eats (inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

Color me really happy that somebody used the TONGUE scene as inspiration!
tongue dish inspired by The Goonies

Yes, somebody went there! But hey, I'm pretty sure that even the boys wouldn't mind diving into these amazing Lengua Tacos that Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm brought to the table.
Lengua Tacos by A Day in the Life on the Farm (inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

And now for something a little obscure...inspiration from the WALSH'S HOUSE!?
inspiration from the Walsh's front porch in The Goonies

Oh yeah, I said it - their house. Leave it to Kimberly from Coffee and Casseroles to draw inspiration from the corn decoration she noticed on the house to make a bowl of "Chunky" Corn Chowder and Biscuits (shaped like Sloth's head, you might notice)! Love the way this girl thinks.
"Chunky" Corn Chowder and Biscuits by Coffee and Casseroles (inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

Who doesn't get a craving for a slice of PIZZA at least once during the many references throughout the film?

Ree from Route to Delicious thinks Chunks deserves a pizza after all he went through, so she shared Pizza Montanara Strarita (or Chunk's New Favorite). On a separate note - welcome back Ree (Ree was my original partner-in-crime over at the Food 'n Flix website almost 5 years ago)!
Pizza Montanara Strarita (or Chunk's New Favorite) by Route to Delicious, inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix

What would a roundup of Goonies-inspired food be without a little BABY RUTH?

Inspired by Sloth only really wanting a candy bar and a friend, first time Food 'n Flix participant Terri from Our Good Life brought a tempting Baby Ruth Martini this month. A boozy candy bar? Yes, please!
Baby Ruth Martini by Our Good Life (inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

Amy from Amy's Cooking Adventures went with the whole "kid food" theme of the movie and made a fun batch of Candy Bar Cupcakes! Did I mention they're both topped AND stuffed with a candy bar?
Candy Bar Cupcakes by Amy's Cooking Adventures (inspired by The Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

Speaking of cupcakes, feast your eyes on these Goonies-inspired Baby Ruth Cupcakes from Caroline of Caroline Makes. The cakes combine the flavor of a Baby Ruth candy bar with a nougat center, salted caramel buttercream and are topped off with chopped nuts and chocolate. Wowza!
Goonies-inspired Baby Ruth Cupcakes by Caroline Makes for Food 'n Flix

Last but not least, a little something inspired by both the Baby Ruth scene and the ICE CREAM lovin'.
food inspired by ice cream from The Goonies

Last up was my No-Churn Baby Ruth Chunk Ice Cream. I used both the Baby Ruth scenes and the fun ice cream scenes as my inspiration for this creamy vanilla bean ice cream that's swirled with ribbons of caramel and studded with "chunks" (get it...CHUNKS!) of Baby Ruth.
No-Churn Baby Ruth Chunk Ice Cream by All Roads Lead to the Kitchen (inspired by Goonies for Food 'n Flix)

Food 'n Flix club logo
I had so much fun reading through everybody's posts and hearing what parts of The Goonies inspired them to head into the kitchen! Wondering who did like the movie, and who didn't? You'd never guess by looking at these awesome submissions, would you? You'll have to click through to each person's post if you really want to find out.

Thanks so much to everybody who participated in the May '15 edition of Food 'n Flix—those who love it, and those who were great sports and cooked along, even though they weren't a fan. One of the things I love most about the Food 'n Flix club is the fact that not every person enjoys every film...but they always come up with something delicious or clever (or both) in the kitchen!

Next month's Food 'n Flix host is Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eatz, and she has chosen the flick Butter. I hope you'll join us!

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