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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pimm's Cup Ice Pops

Pimm's Cup Ice Pops
Summer is the perfect time to enjoy icy cold cocktails. From frosty blended drinks, to tall sweaty glasses filled with ice cubes that clink and slosh every time you lift them, there's just something about raising a toast under the hot sun. Of course, sitting alone under a shade tree isn't so bad, either.

As much as I enjoy sipping, it's no secret that I enjoy turning my cocktails into boozesicles even more. There were these Tequila Sunrise Ice Pops, and these Cherry Mojito Ice Pops, not to mention these Lemon Lime Margarita Creamsicles—and that's just to name a few. Sure, it's convenient to have a portable frozen cocktail, but it's the whimsy and nostalgia that get me every time.

Pimm's Cup
Today's edition of "embrace your inner child like an adult" comes in the form of an iconic cocktail, the classic Pimm's Cup. Pimm's No.1 is a dry gin-based liqueur that tastes faintly of fruit, botanicals, and spices with a deep amber hue that is made in Great Britain.

Although there are countless variations on a Pimm's Cup, my favorite version is the original, which is made by pouring Pimm's No.1 and fizzy lemonade over ice, then garnishing with mint, orange, strawberry, and cucumber. It's ridiculously easy to drink (so drink responsibly) and entirely refreshing.
Pimm's Cup Ice Pops
It doesn't take much to translate the cocktail into a popsicle. A Pimm's Cup ice pop has all of the same components, but it needs to be sweetened so that you can actually taste the flavors coming through (since cold tends to dull flavors). That was just a matter of making a batch of simple syrup, and infusing it with the mint. Beyond that, you simply compose a mini-cocktail in a popsicle mold, sans ice cubes, and wait for the freezer to do its thing.

Enjoy these boozy popsicles anytime the craving hits, but wouldn't it be fun to add a little whimsy to your next summer cocktail party by freezing a big batch to serve alongside the other drink options?
Pimm's Cup Ice Pops
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Pimm's Cup Ice Pops

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