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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Just the Essentials | #TLCBookTours

Just the Essentials by Adina Grigore
Welcome to the TLC Book Tours stop for the latest book by Adina Grigore, author of Skin Cleanse and founder of S.W. Basics—Just the Essentials! Just the Essentials is a guide to using the restorative powers of essentials oils in your daily routine.

I'm fairly familiar with essential oils and their many benefits and uses, and was taught to use them by my mom when I was younger. That said, while I often purchase natural, locally made health and beauty products, I've never really ventured into mixing up my own—at least not for beauty purposes. My hands-on experience consists mainly of natural for-the-home remedies (cleaners, pest control, etc) and aromatherapy (stress relief, cold relief).

Just the essentials does talk about these things (like Grease Cleaner, Aromatic Dryer Sheets, Lemon-Pine Furniture Polish, Lavender-Eucalyptus Dish Soap or Headache Blend and Motion Sickness/I-Gotta-Barf Blend), but it also includes beauty projects like Non-Greasy Beard Oil, Rosemary Clarifying Shampoo, Rose-Chamomile Conditioning Rinse.

The book is divided into two parts, the first part, or "The 101", includes three chapters:
  • Chapter 1 Essential Oils Are Awesome
  • Chapter 2 A History Lesson
  • Chapter 3 The Big Business of Essential Oils

...and the second part, "How to Harness the Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils", includes five chapters:
  • Chapter 4 Essentials Oils Stripped Down
  • Chapter 5 But What Do I Do with Them?
  • Chapter 6 Making Sense of Essential Oil Jargon
  • Chapter 7 The Beginner's Top Ten
  • Chapter 8 It's Time to DIY

I think it's a great book for beginners, since that first part includes the and what-why-how and some history to back it up. I also think it's great that it includes some very simple and doable projects for the beginner in the DIY chapter. As in any field, I definitely recommend that it's not your ONLY book on essential oils and how to use them, but rather one in a set of works and guides that you can reference and learn from if you're interested in DIY products, essential oils, naturopathy, health, alternative medicine, and/or natural healing.

Just the Essentials book cover

Just the Essentials: How Essential Oils Can Heal Your Skin, Improve Your Health, and Detox Your Life

author: Adina Grigore
publisher: Harper Wave (March 7, 2017)
genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting > Alternative Medicine > Naturopathy
hard cover:240 pages

teaser: The author of Skin Cleanse returns with a comprehensive guide to the ultimate ingredient for living an all-natural, plant-based lifestyle: essential oils.

For millennia, essential oils have played a key role in health and beauty rituals. From references in the Bible (frankincense and myrrh) to Hippocrates (who documented the effects of oils from over 300 plants) to Ancient Egypt (Cleopatra pioneered the use of fragrance), essential oils have been revered throughout human history for their healing powers and their unparalleled scent.

But in modern times, they’ve often been misunderstood, underappreciated, even cast as "dangerous"—and relegated to the dusty shelves of health food stores. That is, until recently. Today they’re back in the spotlight as increasing numbers of consumers are looking for all-natural alternatives to skincare products and opting for fragrance-free detergents and soaps, natural remedies for common ailments, and toxin-free home cleaning solutions.

Enter Adina Grigore, owner and founder of the wildly popular all-natural skincare line SW Basics. A former essential oil skeptic, Grigore learned everything she could about these potent plant-based compounds when she began formulating her products. And what she learned was that essential oils are some of the most powerful, healing, health-promoting compounds found in nature. That, and they smell pretty great too.

In Just the Essentials, Grigore offers a 21st-century guide to these ancient oils, offering a fresh, fun, and authoritative overview of what they are and how they can be easily incorporated into anyone’s life. From plant-based medicine to all-natural skincare to safer and cleaner household products to aromatherapy, this handy and entertaining guide provides detailed advice for a wide array of oils, safety guidelines, and a range of do-it-yourself recipes to get started. Inside you'll discover such fun facts as:

  • Tea tree oil is a powerful antibacterial that is proven to be as effective for treating acne as benzoyl peroxide; it also kills oral bacteria and is a life-saver for tooth infections.
  • Cinnamon oil is a circulation-booster that helps to ease everyday aches and pains as well as headaches (even migraines).
  • Peppermint oil is brimming with antimicrobial properties; peppermint oil can be used for everything from alleviating digestive problems to cleaning your kitchen counters.

With lists of the best oils for beginners; instructions for diffusing and safe handling; and DIY recipes from dish soap to toothpaste to facial masks, Just the Essentials makes it easy and enjoyable to reap the many benefits of these pure plant extracts.

about the author: Adina Grigore is the founder and CEO of the all-natural, sustainable skin-care line S.W. Basics, which she started out of her kitchen in 2011. A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Adina has worked in the wellness industry since 2007 as a private holistic nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a workshop coordinator teaching people about the DIY nature of wellness. S.W. Basics products are now sold internationally and have been featured in Vogue, O Magazine, W Magazine, the New York Times, InStyle, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living, among others.
Adina Grigore

connect with the author: website | twitterinstagram

some ideas from the book I'd love to try: Quick Peppermint Lip Balm, Cramp Relief Oil, Migraine Healing Oil, Warm 'n' Cozy Mask


I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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