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Monday, June 19, 2017

Vanishing Point | #TLCBookTours

Vanishing Point Book Tour Stop
Welcome to this TLC Book Tours stop for Vanishing Point by E.V. Legters, the story of Angela, a discontent housewife who strays. At it's most basic, Vanishing Point is a quick read, filled with bad decisions, a bleak outlook, and unlikable characters...but it's entirely relatable.

I mean, life is hard. Marriage is hard. Adulting is hard. It's just a matter of how we decide to deal with it, and Angela makes a mistake that alters not only her life, but life of everybody close to her. Adultery is a tough subject, and this book revolves around it, so if it angers you, this is probably not the best choice for your summer reading.

Oddly enough, even though I didn't care much for any of the characters, I wanted to keep reading to see how everything played out. And while it's not a feel-good book, it's possible that reading about Angela's life decisions could make you feel a little bit better about the way you are handling life (unless you're in a similar situation).

As far as food goes, there were a few references, but it wasn't really a part of the story. If I were to choose a dish/recipe to represent Vanishing Point, though - it would be "Cheater's Pie". There's a moment when Angela and her young lover meet in a diner and order coffee and a single slice of pie. The description doesn't go beyond that. I don't know what kind it was, or if they even ever ate it.

But to make a Cheater's Pie, simple buy a pre-made pie crust, dump in a can of pre-made filling, and bake until done. If you're sharing a slice...especially with your younger, vagrant, slightly dirty must share a single fork.

Vanishing Point by E.V. Legters

Vanishing Point

author: E.V. Legters
publisher: Lethe Press (May 27, 2017)
genre: Literature & Fiction > Women's Fiction > Contemporary Women
paperback: pages

"foodie" read: no

opening sentence: Nothing has changed except Angela Dunnewald.

teaser: “Nothing’s changed except Angela Dunnewald.” From the inside of her life and marriage, Angela discovers she’s gone quite mad. Her sense of self, of direction, has frayed and she finds herself lost and alone despite a calendar full of society events, charity meetings, shopping dates, and dinners her aloof husband expects her to attend. Her best friend is a vivacious flirt, but Angela only strays when she discovers a young drifter haunting the grounds of her house. Desire to be intimate unlocks the need for achievement; Angela becomes unrecognizable to her peers and to herself.

Legters’ new novel offers betrayal, passion, secrets, and truth, all from inside a world that threatens to suffocate to the vanishing point.

about the author: Vanishing Point is E.V. Legters’ second novel. Her first, Connected Underneath, published under her given name, Linda, instead of her chosen name, E.V., was released last year and is an INDIE Press Book of the Year finalist. Born in the far western reaches of New York State, and a long-time resident of Connecticut, E.V. is exploring new venues in which to finish her third. She is currently in Portugal.
E.V. Legters, author

connect with the author: website

food I think best represents the book: Cheater's Pie


I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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