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Sunday, January 28, 2018

"(Sweet Mother of) Monkey Milk"shakes w/ Gold Coins | Wreck It Ralph | #FoodnFlix

"(Sweet Mother of) Monkey Milk"shakes w/ Gold Coins | Wreck It Ralph | #FoodnFlix
"(Sweet Mother of) Monkey Milk"shakes w/ Gold Coins inspired by Wreck It Ralph for #FoodnFlix
Later this year, the Food 'n Flix club will be celebrating our 8th anniversary. Just thinking about how long we've been creating movie-inspired recipes together makes me all warm and gooey inside. We're kicking off 2018 with one of the 4 animated movies on the schedule for the year - Wreck It Ralph!

The whole family went to see this one in theaters when it was released back in 2012, and us adults enjoyed it as much as the kids did. I've only watched it once or twice since then, so it was fun to sit down and watch it again this month, even though I knew sifting through all of the sugary treats shown throughout, and deciding on a recipe to create, would be the tough part.

As a quick overview, Wreck It Ralph takes place inside the video game world. Ralph is the "bad guy" in his game, opposite Fix It Felix. All of the other characters in the game (considered "good") leave Ralph out of their gatherings, including their celebration for their game turning 30. Ralph has had enough, and decides he's off to prove that he can do more than just wreck things - he can also be a hero.
"(Sweet Mother of) Monkey Milk"shakes w/ Gold Coins inspired by Wreck It Ralph
In order to be a hero and win a medal, he has to do something dangerous...he has to jump games. He does wind up with a medal, though not exactly for his heroic actions. On his way back to his own game, he finds himself in the world of Sugar Rush, a sugar-charged racing game, where he meets the supposed glitch, Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Like Ralph, Vanellope is on a mission to prove herself. All she needs is a chance to get on the racetrack. When she spots Ralph's gold "coin", she knows that's what she needs to buy her way into a race. Not only is she adorable, she's quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and full of spunk—basically, Ralph's opposite. Which is, of course, why they wind up becoming such good friends (after bashing heads for a while, of course).

This film isn't only filled with sweets, it's overflowing with heart. I created a recipe inspired by Ralph and Vanellope's first meeting. It may be incredibly simple, but it was a hit in my house. And the play on words behind it totally fits with the spirit of the Wreck It Ralph world (at least I think it does).

When Vanellope first meets Ralph, he's climbing a peppermint stick tree, trying to retrieve his medal that's stuck on a branch. Her exclamation "sweet mother of monkey milk, a gold coin!" immediately made me think...monkeys like monkey milk must be banana milk. And what's the best way to use banana milk? Turn it into milkshakes, of course! And as a nod to that elusive gold coin they're both chasing, it had to be garnished with a gold-wrapped milk chocolate coin.

p.s. - Wreck It Ralph 2 comes out later this year!

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This month's edition of Food 'n Flix is being hosted by Amy at Amy's Cooking Adventures with her pick, Wreck It Ralph; submissions are due January 29, 2018.

Join us next month as we head into the kitchen with our host Evelyne of CulturEatz with her pick, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

For inspiration, check out the Food 'n Flix website (click on any of the roundups listed to see what participants have been inspired to make by the movie choice), all of my past Food 'n Flix posts, or my Food 'n Flix Pinterest board!

Yield: serves 4
Easy Banana Milkshakes

"(Sweet Mother of) Monkey Milk"shakes w/ Gold Coins aka Banana Milkshakes

prep time: 5 MINScook time: total time: 5 mins
Easy to make banana milkshakes inspired by the animated film, Wreck It Ralph.


  • 2 cups vanilla (or Chunky Monkey) ice cream (about 8 large scoops)
  • 2 med-large bananas, peeled
  • 1 1/2 cups whole milk
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, as needed


  1. Combine everything except the gold coins in the jar of a blender and blend until thick and smooth. Pour into a glass and serve immediately - with chocolate coins as garnish (unwrap before eating, please).
  1. If you're a chocolate and banana lover, add a scoop or two of Nesquik sand to the blender before blending.
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