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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Author Guest Post & Book Tour Stop: Nina Bocci #MeetMeOnLoveLane

This is a guest post from author Nina Bocci and a TLC Book Tours stop.
Author Guest Post & Book Tour Stop: Nina Bocci #MeetMeOnLoveLane #TLCBookTour
The kitchen is a happy place for me, it always has been. Spending hours with my mom making homemade pasta, ravioli for the holidays and hundreds of classic cookies for Christmas and I’m thrilled to be passing these traditions onto my son as well. So, when I was drafting out the Hopeless Romantics series, it was crucial for it to be a solid part of each book.

On the Corner of Love and Hate, August 2019 (Gallery Books) was about Emma Peroni, a good small-town girl with wildly loveable Italian parents. Her mother, Sophia, was full of wisdom and used classic Italian recipes to help guide her daughter through troubling times. Homemade sauce and meatballs, a Sunday staple for many Italian-American families. Pastina soup, which is a simple, hearty dish but is sure to cure whatever ails you in both health and heart.

For Meet Me on Love Lane, December 2019 (Gallery Books) we find Charlotte Bishop, a woeful cook who burns the simplest of things and has to rely on family and friends to get her through anytime she has to spend in the kitchen. I loved writing a heroine who was awful in the kitchen and a hero who enjoyed taking on that role in a relationship.

In the book The Ingredients of You and Me, April 2020 (Gallery Books) the heroine is a professional baker who loses her baking mojo after selling her famous business in New York City. She finds it thanks to the charming small-town Hope Lake, that hopefully becomes a character itself in each of the books.

Another central part of the series is The Golden Girls. Not literally Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose of course, but my own version of the beloved ladies. They’re all about food, family and how the two can bring everything together.

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