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Would you like some Coffee in your Ice Cream!?

Nothing says summer quite like cold, creamy ice cream, does it!?  It's true, probably about 92% of my ice cream intake happens during those hot, lazy days.  Just one of those things when you live in the midwest, I suppose.  Perhaps people who live in warm places year round space it out a little better, but cream equals summer!  Remember being a kid and getting so excited when you hear the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel in the distance?  It was almost always Pop Goes the Weasel, and still is. Huhn.  Although now, we have a few different ice cream trucks that drive through our neighborhood and one plays exclusively Christmas tunes. What's that all about? Thinking cold?  I'm tempted to put up another Eddie Murphy bit ("MOM! THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING!").  But I won't.  Summer in East Lansing meant ...wait!'s 8:37 am and my youngest child just asked me if he could have some ice cream. And I swear to you, he doesn't know what I'm writing about.  See, it's a given; summer = ice cream...back to summer in East Lansing- walking, roller blading, biking to get a cone with that awesome crunch topping.  Man, I wish I could remember the name of that little ice cream shop. These days I don't live so close to any ice cream shops...but I do have my trusty ha! ice cream maker.  Here's my delicious grown-up flavor ice cream.  Grown-up because only the hubby and I like it...the kids crinkle their noses and say "ewwww. coffee."
Coffee Ice Cream
adapted* from HTCE by Mark Bittman

1 c. whole milk
1/2 c. coarsely ground coffee
3 c. heavy cream
*1 tsp. vanilla
3/4 c. sugar
*couple pinches Espresso Bravo Sea Salt
*big handful of Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans, halved

Begin by heating the milk mixed with the coffee until the milk steams.  Turn off heat, cover and let sit for ~30 minutes.  Strain and discard grounds. 

Combine all ingredients (stir it up good, until sugar dissolves) except for chocolate covered coffee beans and put in refrigerator until well chilled. 

Pour in ice cream maker and churn according to manufacturer's instructions.  Add in chocolate covered coffee beans just before end of churning cycle (just before machine stops).  Transfer to containers and put in freezer to finish hardening.

Enjoy on a hot, lazy summer day.  Or a cooler, busier one.  Or a so-so, semi- busy one. Whatever.  ; )

This is my IHCC Summer Lovin' entry this week!
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