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Mango Banana Daiquiri

I meant to have these daiquiris ready to post this past Thursday...but I couldn't get a ripe mango to save my life! This weeks Barefoot Bloggers recipe was chosen by Veronica of Supermarket Serenade...and I loved it!

Although my mangoes still were not as ripe and I would have preferred, I decided I'd better get a move on and make at least one batch of these daiquiris before I was too far behind with my posting! I don't even feel like I need to say they were amazing. Banana + Mango + Rum = Tropical Delight!

I just made a couple of minor alterations, based on what I had (or didn't have) in the house. The recipe calls for dark rum and limes....I used light rum and key limes. I don't think it detracted at all.

Mango Banana Daiquiris
slightly altered from Back to Basics by Ina Garten

2 c. chopped mango (~1-2 mangoes), peel, pit, chop
1 banana, chopped
1/2 c. lime juice ...I used the juice of ~8 key limes
1/4 c. simple syrup
1 1/4 c. dark rum ...again, I used light
2 c. ice

The recipe calls for blending everything besides the ice and blending...then adding the ice and blending again. Since I wanted to crush my ice first, I just went ahead and put my cubes into the blender and crushed them. Next I added the simple syrup, banana & mango.
Then added the rum and key lime juice and blended away!
Not much else to say....'cept it's time to put some more booze in the blender! Head on over to Barefoot Bloggers to slip even farther into a Tropical Delight.