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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tasty! Blog Award

I often find myself drooling over your blog. I often find myself drooling over her blog...or his blog. I don't hesitate to tell any of you that, either. But, for a while now, I've been wanting to have an award to give to people now and again when I'm really feeling that TASTY vibe! So, I made one. Yes, I made an award to pass on when I feel that I just must express my feelings in a big, bold, exclamatory way! So my friends, I introduce to TASTY! blog award. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Tasty! Blog Award:

1. Do you know that certain blog that sporadically, occasionally, often, just-that-once or constantly makes you drool? Give them this award! Go on...tell 'em they're tasty!

2. Accept it...display it...pass it on to as many people as you wish (or hoard it for yourself)! You can pass it on whenever you like to any foodie blog out there you find delicious! If you haven't received the award, but still want to give it to all means- grab it and give it!

3. To "grab" it, simply right click and save to your computer. Then put it in a post and pass it on. Go ahead and let that person know that you find them really tasty and have an award awaiting them.


I have a difficult time knowing where to begin handing out this award. Can you believe that blogger tells me I can't "follow" anymore blogs. They say 300 (it was actually 304) was enough. How dare they try to limit the time I drool into my keyboard! Pffft! So, I'll have to subscribe and use google reader to supplement, I suppose. I am going to pass out some Tasty! awards very soon, but I wanted to keep this post simply "informational" know, for future reference.

If you want to start telling people how Tasty! you think they my guest!

She of the growling tummy and overactive salivary glands,

Would you like to comment?

  1. You are wonderful to name those people and tell why they are special. We don't say thank you, enough and we don't point out the great characteristics, so many people have. I crown you Queen Greatness.

  2. Oh yum! That meatloaf looks fantastic and love those gemstones!

    And, you're a sweetheart for thinking of me... thanks so much! And with no rules, I LOVE that!!

  3. Can we pass it on you you fo rmaking us drool?


  4. Your bacon meatloaf and greenbean-potato side dish looks heavenly. I LOVE everything listed in your post is like the meal was designed for ME!! Also, thank you so much for the "Tasty" award, I am totally flattered!!

  5. Girli, you are GROOVY!

    You are clever, as well as generous, to be able to create an award like this so that others may enjoy.

    Well done. (bowing to you)

  6. Aw, thanks! This is why I want to pass it out or have others pass it out...cuz every now and again it feels good to receive a compliment...someway, somehow. :) LOL, can pass it to whomever you want...I definitely wouldn't say no :P

  7. What a cute idea for an award.

  8. Aww, what a sweetie you are. Can I give it back to you?! You deserve it too.

  9. Heather has always been a thoughtful and considerate friend!

    Angie's Recipes

  10. Beautiful food, I especially enjoyed the colors of those baby potatoes, like little gems. And its nice to see your appreciation of all these wonderful blogs :)