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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First you were sent Over The you're getting some Homemade Tortillas and Breakfast Tacos! You're welcome ; )

A year ago I posted some food so good you were in danger of being sent "over the edge" you remember?  Man, time flies!  Well, one of my favorite writer/director/producer/actor/cook/gorgeousguy has more skillz than just what I showed you before.  I am, of course, referring to Robert Rodriguez...and this time I'm making his Breakfast Tacos...with homemade flour tortillas (his grandma's recipe).  This is from his 10-Minute Cooking School short on the Sin City dvd. 

Let's start with the homemade flour tortillas...

Flour Tortillas
a la Robert Rodriguez
yield: ~10 tortillas

2 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 c. butter or lard (or combo)

Crumble fat into flour and mix until coarse crumbs form.  Add ~3/4 c. warm water and knead until smooth and elastic.  Form into ~10 golf ball sized balls.  Cover w/ damp cloth while you make filling.
Okay, I'm skipping ahead a bit to finish up the tortillas.  Heat a heavy skillet (I use a cast-iron comal) until pretty hot.  Flatten your dough into disks & roll out w/ rolling pin if necessary.  Lay one disc onto hot pan until bubbles'll have those nice brown spots on under-side, ~1-2 minutes.  Flip and press; cook for another 30 seconds to a minute. 
Transfer finished tortillas to a tortilla warmer. Stuff with delicious breakfast taco (or other) fillings.  They're awesome just warm and plain, too.  Or with butter and cinnamon & sugar. MMMMMMM.
On to the fillings...two types.  Potato & egg and Migas. 

for the Migas: 
onion, chop
tomato, chop
jalapeño, chop
corn tortillas, cut up & fried until crisp
eggs, beaten
salt & pepper

for the potatoes & eggs:
potatoes and eggs...go figure.  Cut peel & dice the taters.  Beat the eggs.  Fry the tater cubes in some oil until golden and cooked through.  Remove from oil. Salt & Pepper.
Put some butter in a pan, add beaten eggs and potatoes and scramble until done.  Season with salt and pepper. Simple.

Put some butter in another pan...or the same, with potatoes & eggs transfered to a bowl...and add veggies.  Cook for a few minutes until they begin to get tender.  Add beaten eggs and fried tortilla pieces.  Season to taste and cook until done.  Again, simple.

Load up your warm tortillas and top as you wish...I used salsa, cilantro and queso fresco.

If Robert Rodriguez wasn't already married...and if I wasn't already married...I'd totally want to marry him ;)

Now that you've seen me cook him cook's much more fun!

...and if you liked this...please say you did...head on over to my post from last year and watch him make Puerco Pibil...ah, dreamy and delicious.

*Linked to May BOM event!

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  1. OMG....he even gets this old broad fired up....what a hottie. And he sings good too.

  2. Well, he can sing to me anytime ;) Told ya so!

  3. The breakfast tacos look fabulous...The fact that you made your own tortillas is what sends me over the edge. Impressive!

  4. Wow. He could come cook me breakfast ANYTIME. :) Homemade tortillas are soooo much better, but if he made 'em for ya, it'd be really full of awesomeness.

  5. He's really good with his hands, isn't he ;-)
    Loved the last line of the video
    "not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to XXXX" - LOL!
    Awesome video, thanks for sharing.

    Your breakfast tacos look awesome, definitely great for anytime of day.

  6. Oh my! Phew! I need a minute! Who is this guy? ;> This is one of the reasons why I started following you almost a year ago. You have been an inspiration to me. Your dishes always look fantastic and I have marked a few to try and re-create. I am so glad you are back full steam ahead.

  7. I'm so amazed that you made your own tortillas! How long do they stay fresh for? I'm thinking of making my own!

  8. I must say, I have seen Mexican women make flour tortillas and yours look fantastic!!! Love that filling too; but then when the tortillas are good any filling is great

  9. Carla...oh! Thanks so much =). He is the genius...handsome genius...behind the Spy Kids movies, Shark Boy & Lava Girl, El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin name a few. He's also doing the new Predator movie...looks like a good one!).

    Joanne...I can't be completely sure because they don't last past a meal around here...but, if you bag 'em they should last at least a couple of days, I think. Refrigerate if in doubt...and then just reheat. You should definitely give it a try, though. It's so easy!

  10. It looks like we will fighting over who will have this hunky man cook us breakfast:D

  11. Like the recipe and the man!


  12. Ok, yeah, because I wasn't already hungry ENOUGH this morning! Homemade tortillas....I may stomach may eat itself....I'm definitely going to have to try these...

  13. Where did you find him? I don't use media nearly enough. Save some tortillas - we're heading over for breakfast.

  14. Holy cow...I'll eat this ANYTIME in the day!! Oh, this will positively make me sing every morning if I had this for breakfast!

  15. I've missed you! Your beautiful photos and wonderful dishes! This looks wonderful.

  16. oh wow, i love these! my mom is crazy for breakfast tacos too, i'll have to make these for her when she comes to town!

  17. First of your pre-emptive "your welcome"...Thank you! lol. Love this! Those tortillas are awesome! I definitely want to make my own. And I want breakfast tacos, like, NOW! Great post. Hope you have a lovely LONG weekend!

  18. Your tortillas are perfect and the breakfast tacos look perfectly delicious. ;-) What a talent that man is--is there anything he can't do!?!

  19. Tacos for breakfast! I only had oats =(

  20. Ha! You already know how I feel about this video, its worth watching him...and he makes breakfast tacos sexy- you do too, and I bet hubby goes crazy over your Btacos too, lol!

    I have made these twice this month- now that I keep bacon fat on hand for my cast iron, of course, lol!

  21. I'm a Robert Rodriquez fan from way back when, it all started with his movie Desparado. I can't remember which movie it was we rented, but as one of the "extra's" it included a cooking video from this very kitchen, which I believe is from his home in Texas. Gotta make these breakfast burritos. Did I mention that I think he's totally "hot"?

  22. I just went to your post from last year and that's the video I had watched. I love his theory on finding a few items you like to cook and making them your specialty. I thought that was so smart...did I do it? no.

  23. Somehow I felt you were fishing for a 'thank you' and here you go; THANK YOU!

    This make me hungry, now where are my tacos?

  24. Ok, that does it, I HAVE to go make breakfast now.

  25. Thanks for the recipe of how to make tortillas!