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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Slow Down Clock! -or- I've been watching cooking shows instead of making "holiday" progress...

So.  I've mentioned before that we now have cable...and I love watching me some Cooking Channel.  Well, more time in front of the boob tube equals  more time to look around the basement and realize how shabby it is.  I mean, I love it...we all do, we spend a lot of time down there (füsbol and a bar, remember!?)...but it's just not as "put together" as the upstairs is.  And that's not saying much, honestly.  But at least cords aren't stretching all over the place and the furniture basically matches.  Plus, that's where the good
telly is!  I mean...look at that picture up there...ugh.  I love that old table it's sitting on because it was my grandma's...and it's full of storage space, but a tv stand it is not!  I mean, I need to search out TV stands for flat screens.  They make those don't they?  Of course they do.  I know I can find one I love from CSN that one.  That one right there-------------------------------------------->
I mean come on, that would be a start...I could contain all of the wires behind and inside since I could stick the dvd player and hd box right in side...and add some movies, music, books, and other stuff for fun, as well. I could enter my foodie-show-induced comas in style.  Just sayin'.  Although I won't be getting that stand yet, I will be doing another CSN review soon.  Watch for it!  Now get off your butt and get some holiday shopping/baking/cooking/cheering accomplished!  I'm talking to myself.

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  1. I need a new tv stand too. That one would do just fine!

  2. I'm never sure what to put the new flat panel televisions on. A new stand would be a great idea.

    And no, I haven't baked one single thing yet. Shame, shame.

  3. Hi there. Have fun re-doing the room. I'm doing the same. I'm making the slip covers for the toss pillows just to bring some xmas color in the room. I have my favorite cooking shows, giada, barefoot, bobby iron chef to name a few. tee hee. Take care and of course Happy Holidays to you.

  4. If I turn on the TV I just get sucked in - and I can waste even more time there than on the 'puter.

  5. We broke down and got an actual TV stand last year. I felt like such a grown-up.

  6. The best part about a flat screen TV stand is that they take up so much less room than the old stands. Every extra inch in my living room matters.

  7. He he he! Your so darn cute! I have been watching more mystery shows, because mysteriously I have not been cooking as much! :)

  8. Yup - you definitely need a new one!
    I have been looking at the arms too, lately.