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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cookbook Spotlight and Cook-Off: The Homesick Texan Cookbook by Lisa Fain {event announcement}

 Many of you already know and love Lisa Fain and her blog, The Homesick Texan.  I'm going to venture to guess that you are going to love her new cookbook just as much...maybe more!   I am SO EXCITED to announce that I will be hosting a Cookbook Spotlight and Cook-Off featuring this upcoming release right here.  With final copies of this stunning cookbook graciously provided to myself and a great group of bloggers by Hyperion, our greedy page-flipping is about to come to fruition on the page!  Together we will be cooking the same recipe in our individual kitchens for the first couple of weeks.  The third week each blogger branches off to cook up something to suit their fancy.  We will round off the month with our own reviews of the cookbook and the food.  I will keep track of everybody's posts right here on this page and post a mouthwatering round-up once we've filled our plates and our bellies with some delicious food from Texas.

This is a list of all of the bloggers who are joining me in The Homesick Texan Cookbook Spotlight and Cook-Off (in no particular order):

Denise - Creative Kitchen  
Erin - EKat's Kitchen 
Leslie - La Cocina de Leslie  
Dave - Year on the Grill  
Brandy - Nutmeg Nanny 
Bonnie - Sweet Life  
Danielle - Cooking for My Peace of Mind 
Natashya - Living in the Kitchen with Puppies  
Bo - Bo's Bowl  
Helen - Miz Helen's Country Cottage 
Tina - Life in the Slow Lane at Squirrel Head Manor  
Meredith - Anchovies and Butter 
Deb - Kahakai Kitchen 
Kim - Stirring the Pot 
Christy - Fudge Ripple 
Gerry - Foodness Gracious
Jenn - Rook no.17  
Maria - A Platter of Figs  
MirandaMangoes and Chutney 
Heather (me) - girlichef
This spotlight will go on for the next four weeks.  Please check back weekly to find links to individual posts from each participant.  This way you won't just get one opinion (mine) on each recipe and on the book in general - you'll get at least 20 separate, honest reviews and posts...weekly!  

week one: Austin-Style Black Beans &/or Pork Tacos, Gas Station Style
(August 28-September 3)

week two: Poblano Macaroni and Cheese &/or Sopapillas
(September 4-10)

week three: Blogger's Choice
(September 11-17)
girlichef: Pasilla Garlic Shrimp + Fried Catfish & Hushpuppies
Kahakai Kitchen: Green Chile Chowder
EKat's Kitchen: Seven-Chile Texas Chili
Stirring the Pot: Mexican Fried Potatoes + Carnitas, Jalapeño Pinto Beans, & Red Chile Rice + Breakfast Tacos & Refried Beans + Chorizo Stuffed Jalapeños + Chipotle Pimento Cheese
Sweet Life: Fried Shrimp
Miz Helen's Country Cottage: Pasilla Garlic Shrimp  + Tomatillo Cheese Grits
Mangoes and Chutney: Cheese Enchiladas w/ Chile con Carne
Foodness Gracious: Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas
Cooking for My Peace of Mind: Pan de Campo
Nutmeg Nanny: Sweet Potato and Fig Muffins  
Fudge Ripple: Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas
Rook no. 17: Pumpkin Empanadas
Year on the Grill (posting at other blog): Corn Chowder w/ Roasted Jalapeños & Bacon
Life in the Slow Lane at Squirrel Head Manor: Tomato Cobbler
Creative Kitchen: Migas
Anchovies and Butter: Smoky Deviled Eggs
A Platter of Figs: Mexican Chocolate Chewies  
Bo's Bowl: Carne Guisada   
La Cocina de Leslie: Homemade Chorizo   

week four:  Cookbook Review
(September 18-24)

And for fun, check out Lisa's video: "How to Make Cookies The Homesick Texan Way"!

Check out the article about Lisa in The New York Times!

The Homesick Texan Cookbook will be released on September 13, 2011.  Pre-order your copy now! is now available!

*This post is part of The Homesick Texan Cookbook Spotlight and Cook-Off sponsored by Hyperion and hosted (right here!) at girlichef*

Check out my interview: 5 Questions w/ Lisa Fain!

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  1. I love this so much. I have been known to read the Homesick Texans blog and cry, because, I too am a homesick Texan ;)

  2. Sounds like fun. I will look forward to following the posts :)

  3. What an exciting blog; I admit I have never heard of her or this book; but going to check it out.

  4. The event sounded amazing when you mentioned it Hewather but working 6 days a week doesn't allow me to overextend myself.

  5. I wish I could have participated, but with full time job, vacation in Sept., home remodeling project ... just didn't think I could find the time. Look forward to her book and love her blog.

  6. I am one of the lucky ones to get the book ahead of time.. It is STUNNINGLY beautiful! Very thrilled to be a part of this!

    Dave Formerly
    Year on the grill
    Now someone else!

  7. Can't wait 'til I get my cookbook! I'm always drooling over The Homesick Texan's blog! :P

  8. I am so excited to be participating in this event! Woooo hoooo!!!

  9. ooh I want a cookbook! I can't wait to hear what you all think of it and see some recipes!

  10. yay! How exciting! I pre-ordered the cookbook but it'll be fun to get a preview!

  11. Really looking forward to this!

  12. It's a beautiful book. Love the photography....we'll be whipping up the black beans this evening and working on picadilla. Thansk for all your hard work and hosting this fantatsic event!

  13. I am so excited to be doing this with you all! The book is beautifully done. Thanks for hosting Heather.

  14. What a fun idea! I will be looking forward to all the posts!

  15. Very exciting, can't wait to see all of your posts.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  16. I can't wait to do the first recipe but there's many more in this awesome book!!!

  17. Hey there GC! This sounds like fun! I'm finally back to blogging again and hope I can keep up a bit better. Hope all has been well in your world!

  18. I'm looking forward to cooking along with everyone. It's a great looking book--can't wait to test it. ;-)

  19. I am so excited about the opportunity to explore this beautiful cookbook with all these great bloggers! I have had the book only a short time and I can see that this Texas Gal can cook!
    Miz Helen

  20. I've been a fan of the Homesick Texan for some time now and can't wait to get my hands on one of those books. This is going to be fun to watch! Thanks for hosting!

  21. Great group and I'm looking forward to seeing the poblano mac this weekend.

  22. I love the idea of this. If you do it another cookbook review, please include me, if you need another blogger. I love doing this kind of thing! Check out my post on Monday that was part of Secret Recipe Club.

  23. Wow this is such a cool idea! Thanks for compiling all these links. I love this style of cooking, so I'll definitely be going through all the reviews lol