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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

book tour: Falling For Me by Anna David

Falling For Me: a memoir

Author: Anna David
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
Source: TLC Book Tours
Paperback: 320 pages

"foodie" elements:  yes

random excerpt:  What I've been doing has really just been a pointless game where I pretend I can make a man fall for me by controlling what happens in bed.  In Sex and the City terms, I've been behaving like Samantha before deciding at the final moment that I'm Charlotte.  (p. 205)

my thoughts/summary/review:  The universal tug-o-war amongst females to evaluate our place in life at some point in time, is demonstrated in a shockingly "real" fashion in Anna David's Falling for Me .  David was watching as those around her were involved in long-term relationships, marriages, and having babies.  Looking at herself she wondered what she was doing wrong.  Battling crying spells and depression after falling in love with a married man, she turns to the self-help section of the bookstore she finds herself curled up in.  A proverbial light shone down on her when she cracks open a book written by Helen Gurley Brown back in the early sixties entitled Sex and the Single Girl.  Mesmerized by the pages and Gurley Brown's philosophy that being single isn't the end-all.  Intent on trying out some of her new "mentor's" suggestions and guidelines, David embarks on a quest; one filled with online & speed dating, rollerblading & razsor scooters, home and personal (inside & out) makeovers, cooking classes and Thanksgiving dinners, she learned how to be comfortable with herself and the point in her life that she resides in.  Her journey includes toning down her potty mouth and trying to stop judging others and gossiping; she discovers the sense of peace and gratification that comes from cooking a homemade meal not only for others, but for herself.  She begins working on her appearance by totally re-hauling her wardrobe and make-up to fit and eminate "who she is" to actually finding out her correct bra size.  Through cooking classes, pottery classes, French lessons, traveling, and conquering her fear of water sports, David shrugs off her vulnerability and fear of people seeing her trying.  All of these fantastic realizations and transformations, from the tiniest to the most amazing feats make her memoir funny, real, and totally endearing.  And on her quest to find love, she finds it in the best place of all...herself.  This was a fun read that I think most women will relate to in one way or another.

about the author:  Anna David is the author of the novels Party Girl and Bought, and the editor of the anthology Reality Matters. She has written for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Redbook, Details, and many other publications. She was the dating expert on G4’s Attack of the Show and has appeared on national television programs including the Today show, Fox News’s Red Eye and Hannity, and CNN’s Showbiz Tonight.

Connect with Anna on Twitter and Facebook. Visit her blog and website.

*I received a free copy of this book to review from the publisher.  All thoughts and opinions stated in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. Oh yeah, definitely sounds like something I could relate too.

  2. Ooo I'm looking for a good travel book...this sounds like it!

  3. I'm usually not big on the memoir genre, but your superb review on this one makes me want to read out of my comfort zone...thanks!

  4. This book looks great, I love the Sex and the City reference. Sometimes I like to try and figure out which character I would be... but then I realize I'm a little bit of all of them, hence why the show is so appealing, they're all relate-able in some way. I'm going to check this book out...and I like that it has 'foodie elements'! Definite plus.


  5. this looks like a great read! i'll have to add it on goodreads ;)

  6. I've got a pretty good respect for myself but even I'm not ready to try water sports in front of a crowd! :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed this memoir. Thanks for being on the tour.