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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Legume Love Affair (MLLA) #45 {Event Announcement}

I'm so excited to announce that I will be hosting My Legume Love Affair (MLLA) an event created by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook this month.  MLLA has been going strong since 2008 and this is the 45th edition - how amazing is that!?

This event is all about celebrating the amazing variety of legumes out there.  We're not only talking the vast assortment of beans, pulses, and lentils - but also the ones you may not automatically think of like peanuts, tamarind, fenugreek, and carob.  You can use fresh or dried or the sometimes edible pods that contain the seeds and products derived from those like tofu or besan.  These are all examples of the type of legumes that are accepted in this event, but the list is not limiting.  This is not to be confused with the French term legumes, which can mean any vegetable at all. 

How to participate in MLLA #45:
  1. Share a dish featuring a legume(s).  Note the term featuring - a spoonful or soupicon does not qualify*.   Recipes from all diets, courses, and cultures are welcome.  
  2. Multiple recipes are permitted but limited to 10 per participant (only one submission will be counted towards the random prize drawing**).  Entries may be linked to other events.  Recipes from archives can be accepted ONLY if updated and reposted as current. 
  3. You MUST include a link to this announcement post and to Susan's host line-up in any post submitted.  Use of logo is optional, but always appreciated.
  4. Recipes from those who do not blog are accepted and eligible to win a prize.
  5. Email your qualifying entries to me at: girlichef (at) yahoo (dot) com and include:

                     ~Your name
                     ~Your blog's name
                     ~Your location (for prize drawing**, will not be shared)
                     ~The name of your dish and the permalink to the specific post you're submitting
                     ~Attach a photo of any size (this may be resized by me depending roundup format)
                     ~Indicate "MLLA" in the subject line

    Deadline for submissions are: March 31, 2012 (11:59 pm, Eastern)

*except when using a very potent legume when only a small amount is required to flavor a dish such as fenugreek or tamarind.  When in doubt, feel free to ask.

**The following prizes will be awarded to one winner via random drawing:
  •  The Complete Book of Pasta - Cook's Illustrated. This prize is offered by Susan without influence at her expense, and she will also absorb worldwide shipping charges.  F.T.C. Notice: Susan does not receive any compensation from Amazon. 
  • Hurst Bean Box - A case of six bags of the winner's choice of Hurst Bean products, suitable for every diet, sponsored by Hurst Bean. (Due to shipping restrictions, this prize can only be awarded if the winner is a U.S. resident.) F.T.C. Notice: In May 2010, Susan, at her request, received two Hurst Bean complimentary products which are not available for purchase in her local markets. Susan does not generally accept free products from Hurst Bean nor is she financially compensated by them.
  •  Drawing Structure - If the winner is a U.S. resident, she/he will be the recipient of both Prizes 1 and 2 above.  In the event that an international winner is drawn, a second drawing will be conducted from the U.S. pool of entrants to ensure that the Hurst Prize is awarded every month.  In these instances, the international winner will receive the book, and the U.S. winner will receive the Hurst Prize. 

If you don't receive an answer to your submission email or a comment on your post within two days of sending me the email, please contact me again (in case your submission was lost somewhere in cyberspace).   Submissions that do not meet the qualifications listed in this post will not qualify and will not be included in the roundup.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this event.

I look forward to your submissions.  Watch for the roundup to be posted during the first week in April.

Would you like to comment?

  1. I've got my bean dish all picked out an ready to post.  Will send you an email when I put it up!

    P.S.  Why in the world haven't I participated in this before?  DUH!

  2. Just sent you my entry. Thanks for hosting this month.

  3. What fun, we love beans around here. I'm SO looking forward to everyones recipes.

  4. I am definitely going to be entering this month!

  5. So fun! I love legumes and will definitely come up with something to submit, thanks :-)

  6. yay! I'm excited. This is one of my favorite blog events!

  7. Doesn't have to be your own recipe, Val!! Send it on over... =)

  8. Lovely event... will send my entries soon.

  9. My dish for this weeks game changers would fit the bull Heather although not my own recipe of course.

  10. legumes.. how fun!! I hope to join!! I cannot wait to see all the recipes....

  11. Brilliant idea! Count me in.

  12. Gotta love legumes---  This will be fun!

  13. I have never joined in this event before but it looks like fun. I loves me some legumes. ;-)

  14. Count me in on this!  I'll come up with something.

  15. kriset at African High StreetOctober 4, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    cannot wait to see all the legumes, indeed!