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Sunday, July 1, 2012

BYOB - Bake Your Own Bread (July '12) + SOME EXCITING CHANGES!

Hi everybody and welcome to the July edition of BYOB.  I have some exciting changes to announce that will be taking place starting this month, so please read through before you link up your bread posts this month.

What's staying the same
Let me preface this by saying that you can still link up ANY bread-related posts from the current month.  That has not changed.  Other than the fact that there is only one linky for all of the posts -- no more separating yeast breads from quick breads from "other".  Everything will hang out together in the bread basket from here on out.  I think that will make linking up easier on everybody.

Acceptable posts are pretty much anything from the current month that is bread-related.  From recipe posts (yeast, wild yeast, sourdough, quick breads, flat breads, dishes made with bread) to tutorials and how-to's to reviews of cookbooks or books relating to bread or bread-baking to mouthwatering photo only posts.  They are ALL welcome.

What's new this month
There are a couple of big changes, both of which I think are major positives!

1. I am happy to welcome and introduce to you (if you don't already know them) my two new co-hosts of BYOB-Bake Your Own Bread:

-Michelle from Delectable Musings
-Connie from My Discovery of Bread

So now, the linky will show up on all 3 of our blogs, on the 1st of any given month.  You only need to enter your link one time.  It will show up at all 3 places.  Triple exposure and more chances for people to join in the home bread baking fun!  You need only link to 1 (whichever you choose) of the hosting blogs.

2.  We will be implementing an optional monthly BYOB - Featured Bread Blog from which to draw inspiration and bake a recipe (or more) from each month.  The chosen blog won't necessarily be only about bread, but it will contain enough bread recipes to offer options for those who want to join us.

If you want to join us in cooking from the BYOB - Featured Bread Blog, simply follow the link for the given month, search that blog, and find a bread recipe (or more) that you want to bake in your kitchen.  Bake it, rewrite the recipe in your own words (but still credit our chosen blog in your post, please), and then link it up to the open linky.  When entering your post, simply place an asterik (*) before the name you choose to enter (example: *Dark Rye Loaf).  This is so that we can easily pull those entries from the other entries.  Why, you ask?  Because we will round-up all of the posts baked from the BYOB - Featured Bread Blog on our next post before the linky.

Each month will be the same style, but with a different featured blog round-up (using photos and links of those people who participated) at the beginning of the post, before each linky.

It's not as confusing as it sounds, I promise.  Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section or shoot me an email.  I will do my best to clarify.

BYOB- Bake Your Own Bread Rules:
-Link up any post from the current month about bread (see above) to the linky below.
-If you have baked bread from the current BYOB - Featured Bread Blog, please place an asterik (*) before the name of your bread in the "Caption or Title" blank on the linky form.
-Please link back to at least one of the hosting blogs using either a text link or the BYOB button.

So, without further ado, let the filling of the July bread basket commence!
Enter your BREAD and BREAD-RELATED posts below
Be sure to place an asterik (*) before your title if you've baked from our featured bread blog this month! This month's featured bread blog is: Bread Experience (see below)

1. Kitchen Flavours - Thirty-Minute White Bread

2. Sweet Life - Indian Frybread

3. girlichef - Red, White, & Blue Muffins

4. girlichef - Cream Cheese & Almond Coffee Cake

5. My Discovery of Bread - Macadamia & Honey Pie

6. Lavender and Lovage - Pan Bagnat

7. Food Mazaa - Masala Bread Loaf

8. Bakers Corner - Bread from Genzano

9. A Homemakers Diary - 100%Whole Wheat Dinner rolls

10. Thyme in our Kitchen - Cardamom Bread

11. The Yum Factor - Walnut and Fig Loaf

12. Angies Recipes - Mixed Seeds Light Rye Bread

13. What Smells So Good? - Buttermilk French Toast with Homemade Cinnamon - Raisin Bread

14. Frozen Wings - Old Fashioned Raisin Rolls

15. Apa. Faina. Sare. - 40 Percent Caraway Rye Bread

16. Paine si Desert - Kalamata olives bread

17. My Discovery of Bread - *Sourdough Seed Bread

18. Something Sweet - Rich Wheat Challah

19. Something Sweet - Cottage Cheese Yeast Rolls

20. girlichef - *Light-Rye Beer Bread

21. Vivian Pang Kitchen - Char Siew Buns with Pumpkin Dough/ Straight Dough Method

22. Zesty South Indian Kitchen - 100% Rye bread with Sourdough

23. The Simple Life: Arbitrary, Happy and Fulfilled - Maple Syrup Bread

24. Blue Kitchen Bakes - Cranberry & Cinnamon Loaf

25. Reese Kitchen - Chinese Doughnut

26. Bakers Corner - Bruschette with Stracchino cheese and Cherries

27. My Little Space - Soft Buttery Danish Loaf

28. Javenlin Warriors Cookin w/ Luv - Homemade Pizza Dough

29. Pear, Walnut & Goat’s Cheese Breakfast Buns (Muffins)

30. Cooking Pleasure - Twisted Purple Sweet Potato Buns [GDM]

31. Save Sourdough - My Daily bread: 65% wholegrain holey sourdough

32. Confessions of a Curious Cuisiniere - Wheat Pizza Dough

33. Kitchen Flavours - Cheddar Cheese Bread

34. Blue Kitchen Bakes - Banana Bread

35. French Nyonya - Potato Bread

36. Cookingpleasure - Meat Floss Buns

37. blog from OUR kitchen - Easy Little Bread (BBB)

38. Living in the Kitchen with Puppies - Easy Little Bread

39. Piece of Cake - Rosemary Foccacia

40. Vintage Kitchen Notes - Semolina bread

41. the boot blog - Crunchy Challah French Toast

42. girlichef - Baguettes (no-knead)

43. Cooking Pleasure - Milk Bread Loaf

44. Something Sweet - Sweet Potato Brioche

45. Hanielas food & photography - Soft Pretzel Tomato Bites

46. Lady Lunchalot - Baking Rye Bread

47. My Discovery of Bread -Couronne Bourdelaise

48. Cookingpleasure - Potato Sesame Seed Buns

49. Sweet and Thats It - Semolina Bread

50. Blue Kitchen Bakes - Chilli & Sesame Rolls

51. Kitchen Flavours - Braided Challah

52. Frozen Wings - Ham and Cheese Stromboli

53. Culinary Adventures with Camilla - Fresh Blueberry Brioche Muffins

54. Culinary Adventures with Camilla - Strawberry Jam-Swirled Brioche Bread

55. Culinary Adventures with Camilla - Fruit Galettes with Yeasted Tart Dough

56. Cooking Pleasure - Cornet Shaped Carrot Buns

57. Munaty Cooking - No Knead Artisan Rustic Bread

58. My Discovery of Bread - Parmesan cheese and Salami Rye Bread

59. The Garden Deli - Chilli & Herb Bread

60. Fuss Free Flavours - Tomato Chutney Rolls

61. cynthesizing food and fun - Braided Lemon Bread

62. Jessie Cooking Moments - Dried Longan Wholemeal Bread Rolls

63. girlichef - Easy Little Bread

64. Karens Kitchen Stories - *Poilane-Style Miche

65. Sweet and Thats it - Easy Little Bread

66. Chocolate & Chillies - Bran Enriched White Bread

67. Kitchen Flavours - *Light Wheat Bread

68. Cookingpleasure - Char Siew Sweet Buns

69. Bakers Corner - Pizza & Focaccia w/ sourdough starter

70. Cookingpleasure - Plain Flour Carrot Loaf [Straight Dough Method]

This linky list is now closed.

BYOB 125 x 125


Looking for a little inspiration?  Well, not only can you click on any of the wonderful links added to the BYOB bread basket each month, you can also join us in our optional feature, BYOB - Featured Bread Blog!

Each month we will feature one blog.  This blog doesn't have to be all about bread, but it will contain enough bread recipes to offer diversity and inspiration for those at different stages in their home bread baking journeys!
So, it you'd like to bake along, our featured blog this month will be Bread Experience.  Cathy's site is filled with tons of amazing recipes, tips, tutorials, and inspiration for all home bread bakers.  Not to mention, she is also a former BYOB hostess.  If you decide to join in and bake something inspired or adapted from her site, please be sure to take your own photos and re-write the recipe in your own words, as well as linking back to her original post with a credit. If you think of it, leave her a comment and let her know she inspired you as this month's BYOB - FBB!

Don't forget to add an asterik(*) before the title of your BYOB - FBB entries in the linky so that we can round-up all of the posts in next month's BYOB post!


If you want to recommend a BYOB - Featured Bread Blog for upcoming months (whether yours or somebody else's), please do so in the comment section.  We can't wait to see what you've baked up this month!

As always, feel free to tweet any BYOB posts using the hashtag #BakeYourOwnBread. I will be tweeting entries using that hashtag. I've also started a BYOB Pinterest Board to share the love! Always feel free to leave a link to your Pinterest handle and/or your Twitter handle in the comment section of any monthly link-up!

Would you like to comment?

  1. Those are some lovely changes. I'm always in search for inspiration when it comes to bread.

  2. Thanks Dajana...a way to shake things up a bit without rocking the boat for those who liked things the way they already were! =) Hope you'll join in the bread baking fun this month!

  3. Hi Heather, I've just linked up! I'm first this month! Yay! :)
    Great additions to BYOB! Will pop over to the new co-host and Bread Experience's blogs as soon as I can! Wonderful job, Heather!
    Have a lovely week!

  4. Hi Joyce =) Yay, always fun being first! And 30 minute white bread - I know I'll be trying this. You enjoy your week, as well.

  5. Thanks for letting me know about this event. just posted mine.

  6. I'm so happy that you shared those gorgeous dinner rolls, Sayantani! =) Look forward to seeing more of your breads in the future.

  7. Hi Heather, thanks for letting me know...Bread experience is an awesome blog, hope to bake from there soon

  8. So good to see you here...thank you for sharing that tasty loaf. I do hope you'll join in often! =)

  9. hi heather, first time joining the event. Just linked mine at #14. Thanks !

  10. Hi Lena - WELCOME! I'm so glad you've joined us...hope you join in often =)

  11. Heather,

    I have linked my 100% rye bread

  12. Wonderful - thanks for sharing this, Swathi! =)

  13. I love that you're now picking a new bread blog each month to feature - that's awesome because I know I still have a lot to learn about bread baking and it'll be so much fun to discover new bread blogs... Thanks so much for hosting this, Heather...

  14. Great initiative, I really like the fact that other bread bloggers are also very enthousiastic! I did make a small mistake while submitting mine, please remove the duplicate without the thumbnail :-) Thanks!

  15. Thank you...and thank you for sharing your knowledge (and bread) with other home bread bakers of all skill levels! (I'll take care of that link) =)

  16. Hi Heather,
    Just linked the bread from RB!! Have a nice day!

  17. bread and RB - two of my favorite things ;P Thanks Joyce!

  18. Hi Heather! This is my first time taking part in BYOB. I accidentally submitted 2 entries. Can you please help me delete entry #39 listed above? Thank you so much.

  19. Yes, no problem - so happy to have you join in the bread baking fun! =)

  20. this is so fun, i love the idea!

  21. Hi, I tried uploading my image but it didn't really work. How can I edit it? I', number 46... Baking Rye Bread

  22. I fixed it - so happy that you linked up your post! =)

  23. Hi Heather, sorry there is duplicate posting for Potato Sesame Seed Buns.

  24. Hi Heather, Wow, a wonderful collection of breads!
    I've just linked one! Thank you for hosting, have a great week!

  25. just linked another one !

  26. Hi Heather,
    I've just linked a post, a lovely bread from Bread Experience. I've added in the (*) sign before the name of the bread, but it did not show! This bread is really good!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Have a great weekend!

  27. Hey Joyce =) Yes, I realized belatedly that the (*) doesn't show up for some reason when you enter it. I can go back in and add it, but that sort of defeats the point doesn't it!? I'll be updated that in next month's post.. Just leaving me a comment (like you did) letting me know you baked from the featured blog is great. I'm happy that you joined in the Featured Blog Option! Off to check it out now. =)