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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur + some cocktails {product review}

product: Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur

producer: Heaven Hill Distilleries, Bardstown, KY

introduced: Spring 2012

details: The first-ever agave nectar liqueur, Mariposa features a blend of the finest agave nectar with 100% agave tequila and premium vodka, combined with the essences of rose oil and gardenia; Mariposa adds delicate layers of complex flavor and aroma to cocktail recipes, standing up to the full array of base spirits.

ingredients: agave nectar, 100% agave tequila, premium vodka

ABV: 30% (60 proof)

bottle size: 750 ml

appearance:  translucent golden hue

nose:  rose, gardenia, with subtle hints of roasted pineapple and grapefruit zest

taste: orange blossom honey, pomme fruit, soft minerality and subtle flutter of juniper berry

palate: viscous yet soft, with a tip-of-the-tongue dry finish

for more info: facebook

my review: Though not something I would drink alone due to it's sweetness, I think this is an extremely versatile mixer.  But afterall, that's what it was intended to be... "a complex flavor and spirit base"  that will add "sophistication and uniqueness to any cocktail".   The fruity, floral notes marry perfectly with summertime cocktails - and especially tequila or mezcal based drinks.

While you could pair this with any sweetener of your choice, I think that using agave nectar really reinforces the delicate nose of the liqueur.  The two cocktails below were adapted from the people at Mariposa.  This liqueur is a welcome addition to my bar that I hope becomes available to a more wide-spread market very soon.  I don't want to drive an hour and a half to Chicago to hunt some down when I run out!
 Mariposa Mojito
yield: 1 large cocktail

2 oz. Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur
2 oz. rum
1 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
1 oz. agave nectar (or to taste)
few sprigs of fresh mint
soda water

Combine all ingredients except soda water in a cocktail shaker and shake until cold.  Pour into a tall glass filled with ice.  Top off with soda water and garnish with a sprig of mint and some lime wedges.

Mariposa Mule
yield: 1 cocktail

.75 oz Tequila
1.5 oz Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur
.75 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
.5 oz. agave nectar
ginger ale

Combine all ingredients except ginger ale in a cocktail shake and shake until cold.  Pour into a glass with ice and top off with ginger ale.  Garnish with a twist of lime.
*disclaimer: I received a free bottle of Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur to try and review.  I received no compensation for this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. What a beautiful bottle and name...gardenia, roasted pineapple, and orange blossom honey? What's not to like, it sounds heavenly!

  2. perfect for summer cocktails, yum!