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Monday, October 1, 2012

BYOB - #BakeYourOwnBread (October '12)

So.  It's October.  How the heck did that happen?  I mean, I feel like I say this every month, but I have no idea where September went.  I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I was out of the country for 8-ish days.  But sheesh...8 days out of 30 doesn't seem like that many.  But it totally was.  I'm still playing catch-up, and probably will be for the next couple of weeks or so.  I think what I'm taking the long way around is apologizing for not having this post up first thing this morning.  I did, however, get by to visit all of the beautifully baked links from September and as usual, they lit a fire under my arse to get into the kitchen, turn on the oven, and start kneading some dough - thank you!

Our featured bread blog from last month was Girl versus Dough, so let's have a look-see at what some of our #BakeYourOwnBread basket contributors were inspired to make after visiting this mouthwatering site...
1. Susan from The Spice Garden baked a batch of Cider Doughnut Muffins inspired by this post.
2. Joyce from Kitchen Flavours baked a savory loaf of Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread inspired by this post.
3. Karen from Karen's Kitchen Stories made some flaky Chocolate Croissants inspired by this post.
4. Connie from My Discovery of Bread made some tempting Seeded Brioche Hamburger Buns inspired by this post.
5. Heather from girlichef (that's me) made what became a fast favorite in our house, these Ham, Cheese, & Broccoli Pretzel Pockets inspired by this post.

Please scroll down below the linky to find out who our featured bread blog for this month is.  And now, I look forward to everybody joining us and helping us to fill up our October bread basket.

How to participate (the rules):
1.) Blog about bread.  It can be a post about baking bread in any form (yeast, wild yeast, quick breads, flat breads, sweet, savory, loaves, rolls, breadsticks, tortillas, scones, biscuits, crackers, etc.).  It could also be a recipe that uses bread in it or as a base (pizza, bread pudding, sandwiches, etc.).  Or it could be an informative post, a tutorial or how-to post (such as how to make sourdough, bread baking essentials, favorite products for baking bread, etc.).  It could be a review of a book or cookbook having to do with bread.  It could be a photo-only post (bread festival, bakery tour, etc.).  Anything that inspires us to bake bread at home.

2.) Include a link back to this post or any of the monthly link-up posts (link in my sidebar or at the bottom) OR link to one of the other hosts.  As long as there is a link that leads people back to BYOB.  You can use a text link or the BYOB button.

  3.) Add a link to your post in the current month's BYOB linky/roundup post on any of the hosting blogs.  If you are participating in the optional BYOB - Featured Bread Blog, please let us know by dropping me a note in the comments or somehow marking  your post.

4.)  Please link only posts from the current month.

BYOB - #BakeYourOwnBread hosting team:
 -Heather from girlichef
-Michelle from Delectable Musings
-Connie from My Discovery of Bread

Let the filling of the October bread basket commence!
Enter your BREAD and BREAD-RELATED posts below

1. Sweet and Thats it - Cranberry-Walnut Pumpkin Loaves (Baking with Julia)

2. Loaf Street - Sourdough Fougasse with Prosciutto and Mozzarella

3. Tessa the Domestic Diva - Whole Wheat Tortillas - Gluten & Grain Free , vegan

4. Tessa the Domestic Diva - Healthy Pumpkin Donuts (gf, df)

5. My Little Space - Roasted Apple Hidden In The Bread

6. Five Flour Loaf

7. Mult-grain Sourdough Spelt in a Pot

8. Garlic-Ranch Buttermilk Kaiser Rolls

9. Buttery Buns/ Roti Paun

10. Milk and Pear Sourdough Rings

11. Rose Hip Levain - Made from Jam!

12. girlichef - Pumpkin Doughnuts w/ Spiced Buttermilk Glaze

13. English Bread Pudding with Walnuts and Crumble Toppings

14. My Discovery of Bread - 100% Rye Bread

15. Potato Rosemary Bread, Pugliese, and Basic Sourdough

16. Walnut Maple Yeasted Cake

17. Mishmash Rye Sourdough Loaves

18. Sweet and Thats it - Sourdough Pumpkin Focaccia with Fleur de Sel and Poppy Seeds

19. (65°C) Sausage Bun

20. Rye and Currant Bread

21. Danish Chocolate Streusel-Swirled Coffee Cake

22. My Discovery of Bread - Brioche with Dulche de Leche

23. Multigrain Breads: Raisin-Swirled & Honey Wheat

24. Cheddar, Pepper & Herbs Crisps

25. Jessies Honey Yoghurt Sweet Potato Bread Rolls

26. Pecan Yeasted Coffee Cake

27. Sweet and Thats it - Bagels

28. Danish Chocolate Swirl Coffee Bread

29. Natashyas Cinnamon Raisin Rose

30. Citrus Tea Bread Rolls

31. Elizabeths Russian Roses (BBB)

32. Pumpkin Bread

33. Maple Oatmeal Bread

34. Oatmeal Walnut Poppy Seed Bread and Awesome Egg Salad!

35. kitchen flavours - Oatmeal Pumpkin Seed Bread

36. Pistachio and Pear Sourdough Rye

37. Rye Breads

38. Danish Sultana Roll

39. My Discovery of Bread - FBB - Meteorites

40. Make-Ahead Waffles with Peanut Butter Spread

41. Sweet and Thats it - Sourdough bread with apples, nuts and chocolate filling

42. No Knead Pizza

43. Natashyas Cheddar Scones

44. Apple & Dorset Blue Vinny Scone Bread

45. My Discovery of Bread- Russian Rose

46. girlichef - Bloomin Mushroom & Swiss Sourdough Loaf

47. Date and Walnut Beer Bread

48. Fig Whole Wheat Sourdough

49. Whole Wheat Sourdough Crepes

50. girlichef - Old Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts

51. Einkorn Olive Oil Pumpkin Bread

52. Natashyas Rosemary-Garlic Bread

53. Sweet and Thats it - Sourdough bread with cranberries, coconut and chocolate chips

54. Syrian Onion Bread

55. Cooking Pleasure - Rolls to Buns

56. Cooking Pleasure - Rolls to Buns

57. Rachel from x2babies. com adds a sourdough tutorial into her "creative baby food" series

58. Pumpkin Banana Bread

59. Whole wheat pumpkin challah

60. Pull apart Nutella filled pumpkin bread

61. Plum cake

62. Overnight Yogurt Sunflower Seeds Rolls

63. Cooking Pleasure - Coffee Choc Chips Loaf Bread

64. Blue Cheese Lemon Sticks

65. (Hurricane Sandy) Rye Sourdough Bread

66. No Knead San Francisco Style Sourdough

67. Sweet and Thats it - Sourdough BAGELS
BYOB 125 x 125


Join us in our Optional BYOB feature:
Looking for a little inspiration?  Well, not only can you click on any of the wonderful links added to the BYOB bread basket each month, you can also join us in our optional feature, BYOB - Featured Bread Blog!

Each month we will feature one blog.  This blog doesn't have to be all about bread, but it will contain enough bread recipes to offer diversity and inspiration for those at different stages in their home bread baking journeys!

So, it you'd like to bake along, our featured blog for October will be Farine.  If you decide to join in and bake something inspired or adapted from this site, please be sure to take your own photos and re-write the recipe in your own words, as well as linking back to the original post with a credit. If you think of it, leave a comment while you're there...let them know they inspired you.

Don't forget to leave a comment letting me know that you participated this month (or in some way mark your entry), so that I can add you to the round-up for next month!

As always, feel free to tweet any BYOB posts using the hashtag #BakeYourOwnBread. I will be tweeting entries using that hashtag. I've also started a BYOB Pinterest Board to share the love! Always feel free to leave a link to your Pinterest page and/or your Twitter handle in the comment section of any monthly link-up.  Also, if you have a suggestion for an upcoming featured bread blog, let me know!

Would you like to comment?

  1. Paula @ Vintage KitchenOctober 1, 2012 at 6:48 PM

    I added BYOB to my spread sheet so I remember to add my link! Looking forward to this Heather!

  2. I have no idea where October came from, but boy do these look good!

  3. Wonderful idea Heather! I've been experimenting in a woodfire oven lately. Would love to participate in this link up.

  4. Wonderful idea Heather! I've been experimenting in a woodfire oven lately. Would love to participate in this link up.

  5. Wonderful idea Heather! I've been experimenting in a woodfire oven lately. Would love to participate in this link up.

  6. Hi Heather, linking up again, thanks for hosting

  7. hi heather, i'm early to link up this month :)

  8. Hi Heather, I accidentally made a duplicate submission (Walnut Maple Yeasted Cake), can you remove one of them? Thank you!

  9. Yes, of course, no problem. I've been dealing with being sick lately (still am), so I'm pretty behind. I will get it done, though. :) Thanks for linking up!

  10. Sorry Heather about screwing up the first time on trying to link up! Big oops!

  11. no biggie, I'll delete the first one. That bread look gorgeous!

  12. Hi Heather, linking again, enjoy your weekend :)