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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunday Supper is going to the movies!

#SundaySupper Movie-Inspired Recipes Sneak Preview |
Do you love movies?

Do you love food?

Do you ever watch movies that make you crave a certain food...movies that make you want to run into the kitchen start sautéing like a mad (wo)man...movies that give you an urge to hunker down and bake...movies that make you want to throw back a cocktail or two with the girls?

Then there's those movies that make your soul yearn for faraway lands and new food experiences...movies that inspire you to throw out every last bit of processed food hiding in your pantry...movies that transport you to a city living deep in your memories and the food that you ate there...movies that make you want to enroll in culinary school.  Immediately!  Or re-enroll.

Well, if you spend any time at all hangin' out with me - you KNOW that each and every emotion I listed above can be answered with a big, fat, resounding YES!  I share at least one post a month that is movie-inspired.  Sometimes the movies I draw inspiration are obvious foodie-flicks, other times they're a foodie sleeper.  Either way, I have a blast doing them - so you can guess how excited I am to be hosting a MOVIE-INSPIRED #SundaySupper this week!

There is so much inspired food coming out of everybody's kitchen this week, and I cannot wait until the curtains are pulled back and the big show begins.  You're not going to want to miss the feature presentation this Sunday.

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