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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Magimix 5200XL 16-cup Food Processor by Robot-Coupe + Dough Bowl Attachment {product review}

I received a complimentary Magimix 5200XL food processor and the dough bowl attachment for the purpose of testing. I was not compensated to write this review. All thoughts and opinions stated in this post are my own.
Magimix 5200XL 16-cup Food Processor by Robot-Coupe {product review} found on
product: Magimix 5200XL Food Processor by Robot-Coupe

price: $499.95-$600 (approximately)

category: kitchen gadget / kitchen tool / small kitchen appliance

appearance/design: Hefty and large, yet sleek (not bulky).  Polished chrome base with sturdy plastic bowl. Also available in white.

  • powerful, yet quiet, commercial-grade motor
  • various sized bowls and attachments for different jobs
  • Sabatier stainless-steel blades and stainless steel discs
  • extra-large feed tube

Magimix 5200XL 16-cup Food Processor by Robot-Coupe {product review} found on
the large bowl is perfect for making BIG batches of hummus

what's included in the box: 
  • 6 cup, 12 cup, and 16 cup mixing bowls
  • 2 metal serrated Sabatier® blades (one for small bowl, one for large bowl)
  • dough blade
  • 2mm and 4mm grating discs
  • 2mm and 4mm slicing discs
  • egg whisk
  • citrus press
  • blender mix attachment
  • spatula
  • storage box (for blades and attachments)
  • illustrated recipe book + DVD

about:   Developed and manufactured in Burgundy, France, the Robot-Coupe developed the first food processor.  This first food processor was made for commercial kitchens, but they've since applied that technology to high-performance models meant for use in the home.  The blades are razor-sharp serrated Sabatier® stainless-steel, and can be used to perform heavy-duty jobs such as crushing ice or chopping hard nuts while retaining their edge.
Magimix 5200XL 16-cup Food Processor by Robot-Coupe {product review} found on
the wide feed tube fits large pieces of cheese, veggies, or fruit

my thoughts/review: I absolutely without a doubt LOVE my Magimix.  But the thing is, I knew I would.  I worked in commercial kitchens for years, and each and every single one had at least one Robot-Coupe food processor in it.  Yes, it was the commercial variety.  Sturdy base.  Three buttons (on, pulse, off).  Hard plastic bowl and S-blade.  The lids didn't have chutes, they were round domes with an open center (think doughnut...or bagel, if that suits you better).  And they were probably my favorite machine in the whole kitchen, no matter which kitchen I was in.  It made prepping gallons of shallots and garlic for dinner service the simplest thing in the world.  Not to mention a variety of other tasks.  I always wished that I had one in my own kitchen.

So, fast-forward to one month ago, when I was offered the opportunity to test (and keep) a Robot-Coupe at home.  In my own kitchen!  I'll admit, before that point, I didn't even know that Robot-Coupe made a food processor for home kitchens.  I chose the large 16-cup capacity Magimix 5200XL.  Food processor get major use in my house.  I've been through several over the years.

I went in with high expectations.  Fortunately, I was not disappointed.  As a matter of fact, I was wowed!  Same sturdy base.  Same three buttons.  Same hard plastic bowl and S-blade.  DIFFERENT lid; it has a chute with an extra large capacity.  But it also has so much more.  I was a little bit giddy when I lifted out a large, hard plastic storage box that housed extra blades, slicing discs, and attachments.  There is also a tiered-bowl system so that I can chop three different things at once (yet separate), if I want to.

I've used my Magimix for everything from making smooth, creamy Pumpkin Hummus, to grating and shredding large wheels of hard cheese, to juicing a few bags of oranges for a pitcher of fresh juice, to kneading bread dough.  I'm very excited to have a dough blade attachment.  The bowls can be layered to chop herbs in the small one, shred veggies in the medium, and chop nuts in the large - all at the same time.  It's pretty much my workhorse.

The base is heavy, sturdy, and large, but oddly enough, it still looks sleek and elegant (especially in the brushed chrome finish).  Even if you don't have the counter space to let it sit out at all times, it's worth storing it in the box or on a shelf in the pantry, for pulling out when you need it.  I know, because that's what I'm required to do in my small kitchen with extremely limited space.  Yes, it's kind of pricey.  Again, if you can swing it - you won't regret owning this durable machine.
Magimix 5200XL 16-cup Food Processor by Robot-Coupe {product review} found on
product: Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor Dough Bowl Attachment

price: $49.95 (approximately)

  • The non-stick stainless steel dough bowl is meant to fit right inside of the Magimix.  Use the dough blade to knead or mix breads of all sorts, cakes, and pastries.  Leave the dough to rise in the bowl, knock back, then remove the blade and the handle.  Let rise again, and slide directly into the oven to bake.  
  • non-stick (easy clean-up)
  • top-rack dishwasher safe
Magimix 5200XL 16-cup Food Processor by Robot-Coupe Dough Bowl Attachment {product review} found on
the dough bowl attachment lets you mix, knead, rise, and bake in just one bowl

my thoughts/review: I like the thought of it.  I was actually really excited to have the dough bowl attachment since I bake so much bread.  It worked just as described.  Once you've slipped out the blade and taken off the handle, you just set it on top of a piece of foil to cover the hole in the bottom.

I think it's a fun piece to have around, but I don't really need it.  I have plenty of baking tins and a bread machine, if I want my loaves "formed", and the dough blade works just fine without it.  If you're already an avid bread baker, I wouldn't bother adding this attachment to your  kitchen - it would probably just take up space.  However, if you're just looking into baking your own bread, or if you don't already have piles of bread and cake tins piled somewhere, it may be worth your while.

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