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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Satisfy your sweet tooth on the go with #OREOmultipack!

OREO 2-pack
I remember the days when summer break meant that I was in for a couple of months of semi-relaxation. Since my kids have gotten older, that's no longer the case. I actually think that my family is just as busy (if not busier) during "break" than during the school year. As a family who often finds themselves on the go, we often find our stomachs rumbling in the car, at an appointment, or on the sidelines at a sporting event.

Since nobody likes just going hungry, I've become a master at packing not only snacks and nibbles, but also meals on-the-run. It's hard to gauge one's level-of-hungry beforehand. Though I don't think that always eating while out is ideal, it has become a necessity in today's "GO!" world. So, when products come about that can make my life even a little bit easier, I usually grab on.

Such is the case with OREO. This past May, OREO launched a convenient 2-pack grab-and-go snack designed precisely for today's busy schedules. Each pack contains the perfect serving size to satisfy your sweet tooth when you're on the go! The 2-pack multipacks are sold in packages of 18 and can be found in the cookie section at grocery stores (also available in Nutter Butter).

I know we're not the exception—everybody seems to be stuck on "busy" these days. So, what are some of the ways that I satisfy my (and my family's) sweet tooth on the run? An OREO 2-pack makes the perfect quick treat for all sorts of situations. Since it seems like I clock the majority of my hours in the car, taxiing from one place to the next, I like to slide an OREO 2-pack into my purse along with other essentials like my phone, a book, lip balm, and a water bottle. If one of the kids is taking a little extra time getting out of their activity and my hunger catches up with me, I'm covered.
OREO 2-pack
As I mentioned earlier, just because school is out for the summer doesn't mean I'm done packing lunches for a couple of months. When we're out for the entire day, running from one place to the next, I'll either pack a large cooler or individual lunches, to keep in the car. I love that an OREO 2-pack is the perfect serving size to add to those lunches.
OREO 2-pack
Speaking of school, I find that my kids are often looking for a snack the moment that final bell rings (probably before). Often times they have to wait for the bus or go to an activity before coming home. So, sliding an OREO 2-pack into their backpack is the perfect way to give them a little sweet treat when their bellies and sweet tooth are working together to distract them.
OREO 2-pack
While these are a few simple suggestions, the possibilities for OREO's new multipacks are endless. Since there are 18 individual serving packs to a box, they're also great for portable snacking for a group. Whether you're heading to the playground with the neighborhood kids, or on a group picnic, or surprising the kids for snack time in the classroom—you can't really lose by taking a box of these along with you.

I recommend filling a cooler with small bottles of milk for washing them down. I mean, not much beats milk and OREOS.
OREO 2-pack
How would YOU use OREO 2-pack multipacks to satisfy your sweet tooth in today's go-go-go world!?

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