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Thursday, July 21, 2016

PlanetBox Launch Review

PlanetBox Launch Review
I've been resisting saying a certain "three little word" phrase out loud so far this summer, but as the calendar, store shelves, and tv commercials are constantly reminding me, I can't put it off any longer—BACK TO SCHOOL. Eek...too soon! But seriously, it is time to start thinking about it again.

This past school year, my two youngest kids decided that they only wanted to bring lunch from home from now because the school lunch had gotten too "gross". Sadly, I had to agree with them (but let's not go into that). We already had a small collection of lunch bags, boxes and accessories that we'd accumulated over the years, but I wanted to find something that matched their needs now that they're older and hungrier.

PlanetBox Launch Review
I started by searching lunch box ideas on Pinterest. I knew I'd see all sorts of options not only for food, but also for containers. I followed a through things through to blogs, which I then followed to websites or Amazon...and on and on.

One site that I wound up on was PlanetBox, because they had some really awesome looking stainless steel containers that came in several sizes. The thing is, I couldn't decide which size would be best for our needs right now. Since they are sort of pricey, I decided to hold off for the time being and revisit them later, ordering a few sturdy plastic containers that would fit inside the lunch bags that we already owned for now.
PlanetBox Launch Review
Those plastic containers worked pretty well, but I could never get the PlanetBox's out of my mind, so I considered it kismet when PlanetBox reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try and review one of their lunchbox options. I immediately said yes and chose the largest capacity of their three sizes, the Launch.

I ordered this one with my daughter in mind since we found that the plastic containers that I bought weren't quite leaving her full some days. The Launch has three large compartments that hold 7 cups of food, so it's perfect for older kids (and even adults).  It also comes with a "tall dipper" for holding dressing, dip, or something small that you want to keep separate.
PlanetBox Launch Review
That is a heck of a lot of food, enough to carry any hungry teenager through the second half of the school day...and probably all the way until dinnertime. And while it looks pretty sitting there open, you're probably wondering whether or not the food stays in its "space" from the time it's packed to the time it's eaten; I know because I wondered the same thing. And guess what? It does! When you snap the lid shut, you can hold it upright and turn it upside down without worrying about the food sliding from one compartment to the next.

The colorful inlays you see when the box is closes actually aren't inlays at all—they're magnets! That means they're removable if you don't want them there. You can carry a PlanetBox as-is, or you can order accessories like bags (the slim sleeve is what you see in my photos), water bottles, utensils, cold kits, additional tall dippers (or big or small dippers) and more.
PlanetBox Launch Review
Now that I've tried PlanetBox, I can say with ease that it is worth the money. I loved this size for my teenager, but plan on ordering both the Rover and Shuttle so that I can have options on hand for my younger child and for switching things up once in a while. And of course, I want all sorts of the accessories and the awesome Carry Bag (because it holds so much)!

What about you? Are you ready to utter those three little words yet? Or maybe you want to shout them from the rooftop? PlanetBox has offered one of my readers the chance to win their very own PlanetBox (your choice of the three) to help you feel better about the fact that it really is almost BACK TO SCHOOL time. I can't believe I said it again.
planetbox size chart

Visit Why PlanetBox? OR Compare PlanetBox and then come back and tell me which of the 10 reasons listed makes you want to try a PlanetBox the most OR which PlanetBox you would choose if you won (in the comments section below)! 

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I received a complimentary PlanetBox in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts stated in this post are my own.