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Which type of MAD HOUSEWIFE are you? ...Mad Housewife Wine Contest! (my kind of March "MAD"ness)

It's March MADness time here at girlichef!  I'm extremely tired of cold toes and blinding glares from the snow and slippery roads and...well, you get the picture.   This MAD HOUSEWIFE is ready for some fun!  Call it Spring Fever or Cabin Fever or Stir Crazy.  I'm just calling it MADness.  I'm ready to tip back more than a few bottles of one of my favorite wines, MAD HOUSEWIFE.  Oh sure, it was the name and the label that first drew me to it, they're so hard to resist.  But what keeps me buying Mad Housewife is what is inside of those bottles.  All four of their varieties...Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and White Zinfandel...have won numerous awards, competitions and medal.  So, I know I'm not the only Mad Housewife out there. And I thought that after such an intense winter, a good way to relax, unwind, and have a bit of fun would be to ask the question....Which type of MAD HOUSEWIFE are you?  I wanted to have a fun little "contest" of sorts.  I want you to get creative with MAD HOUSEWIFE WINE.  Any variety.  Pick one, or two...or pick 'em all, if you like.  I want you to show me and/or tell me your type.  What do you do while drinking your MAD HOUSEWIFE WINE?  Do you clean house?  Do you cook dinner?  Do you have a party with your fellow Mad Housewives?  Do you kick back with a book or a movie or a dance around the house, bottle wine glass in hand?  Do you lock yourself in the bathroom with your MAD HOUSEWIFE, you know, just to get some "me" time?  I want to hear YOUR MAD HOUSEWIFE STORY!  And it's a bonus if you dress up in a little Mad Housewife garb.  Whether you say in pictures or in writing, there is fun to be had by all.
MAD HOUSEWIFE wines were very generous in donating some awesome prizes.  Just another fun incentive for you to get creative with your wine.  From Mad Housewife t-shirts to rubber spatulas to matches to nail files.  I mean, I pretty much always wear a shirt while striking a match to light the candle that's in the room where I'm scraping the batter from the bowl into a pan, that I put in the oven and occasionally snag a nail on the way out. Phew!  Don't you?
So.  Here's the skinny.  There will be three sets of prizes.  Each set will include a t-shirt, rubber spatula, matches, and a nail file.  There are three categories: Best Photo, Best Story, and TOTALLY MAD (the whole package)!  In order to win one of these prize sets, your post must include a few important things.

Here are the rules:
~You must include MAD HOUSEWIFE WINE in your post in some way.  It must be prominent.
~You must include a link back to THIS POST.  Use of logo is optional.
~You must have fun and be creative☺.
~You must answer the question: Which type of Mad Housewife are you? somewhere in your entry post.
~Contest ends March 26, 2011 at 11:59 pm Eastern time.  Add the link to your MAD HOUSEWIFE CONTEST ENTRY only to the linky at the bottom of this post by that time.

I will do a roundup and announce the winners of the prizes in those three categories during the last week in March.  The panel of judges will consist of several impartial Mad Housewives (otherwise known as my mom and sisters and myself).
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~Ideas for your MAD HOUSEWIFE post: Recipes cooking with Mad Housewife wine.  MAD HOUSEWIFE party.  A game of cards with the other Mad Housewives.  "Me" time.  Bottles in a shopping basket, bottles in a laundry basket.  Creative project with the corks or bottles.  The possibilities are endless- just get creative and have fun!!

For fun ideas, check out Mad Housewife Wine on Facebook and Twitter.  Tell 'em girlichef sent ya!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section, because if you are wondering something, it's likely that others are, too.  I'll be sure to answer back. 
*I am sharing this w/ the Hearth and Soul Hop this week.

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