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French Fry Sandwich ...aka Teenager Sandwich

No, not a sandwich made of teenagers, rather a sandwich made by teenagers for teenagers. Last weekend, I heard my teen rooting around in the kitchen.  Refrigerator doors opening and closing.  Drawers sliding in and out.  Wrappings that crinkle as they are moved to the side...jars that clink as they bump against one another...and thoughts churning with a burst of inspiration.  He yelled out of the kitchen and asked me if he could make something for himself that involved the oven.  With eyebrows raised and and a smile playing on my lips...I said "sure, go ahead".  It makes me happy to spend time with my kids in the kitchen.  It makes me ecstatic to know that they have the confidence and knowledge to be in the kitchen on their own.

About a half an hour later, with a satisfied (and hungry) look on his face, Lyrical Teen showed me his lunch.  He said he was inspired by something he'd seen on Food Network and also in my copy of The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches.  His version of a French Fry Sandwich.  I've got myself a full-fledged sous chef☺.
French Fry Sandwich
makes 1

2 slices Pan de Mie
butter, at room temp.
1 handful shaved ham
double-handful cooked french fries, hot
salt & pepper

Toast the bread to your liking, then butter one side of each.  Lay one slice, buttered side up and top it with your shaved ham.  Pile as many hot french fries as you can on top of the ham.  Season with salt and pepper, as you see fit.  Drizzle with as much ketchup as you'd like.  Top with second slice of bread, butter side down.  Serve w/ any extra fries on the side.  Enjoy!
Oh, and I thought you might like to see how Power Rangers wind down after a long afternoon of kickin' butt.
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