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Tacos, Enchiladas, Tostadas y Mas! {mish-mosh}

Well, as threatened promised, I have another big ol' batch of mish-mosh coming your way today.  This should be it for a while, though.  My photo files are pretty much purged now...and this post is packed with tons of flavors that I adore.

Let's start with tacos.  Always a good jumping point if I do say so myself.  And I just did.  The hubs and I ate these tacos on the morning the kids went back to school.  Last year.  Zoinks!  The only reason I know that is because the folder they were in was labeled "first day of school tacos".  They had black beans and chorizo topped with a salsa that I made with a bunch of heirloom tomatoes from my garden.  Pretty...yes?  Let's not forget about those big crumbles of queso fresco.  I love starting the day with tacos.

This was a great afternoon snack...or maybe it was lunch?  The Master aka Rick Bayless inspired me to have a guac party (didn't take much pushing) that included this batch of Mango Guacamole and some chips that were still warm.  You can find the recipe in Fiesta at Rick's.

Oh yeah, look at this pan of Enchiladas Rojas.  I had three more pans just like it!  They look pretty tasty, right?  Well, they were not.  And it pains me to say that.  The recipe comes from Eva Longoria's cookbook, Eva's Kitchen.  I had high hopes.  They were made in the traditional way...the same way we make them at home.  Mexi taught me right.  It was just that they had no flavor.  I kind of wondered since there wasn't any seasoning-type agents added.  Heck, I even threw in salt and cumin...but I should have had a heavier hand.  I hated to put it "out there" that they weren't so good, but I wanted to give fair warning in case anybody else decides to make some- season, Season, SEASON...and well.  We ate them anyway and added extra salt and salsa, but....meh.

How's about we move from not-so-great enchiladas to a pan of KILLER ENCHILADAS ROJAS.  Made by Mexi...the hubs...mi esposo...of course!  Maybe I'm biased, but my significant other's enchiladas are the bomb.  Another breakfast that made the day a few shades brighter.  Plus, he knows just how I like them.  Keep the pesky fillings (like chicken) out of my enchiladas.  Fry, dip, roll and smother in the good stuff!  It's true, I don't like things inside my enchilada.  Unless it's just cheese.  Pssst.  Duh.

These came about one day after I sat down to watch the tele and caught an old episode of Rachael Ray.  I think it may have been 30 Minute Meals...not positive.  You know how she "enhances" boxed mixes and things sometimes?  Well, that's what she did with a box of corn muffin mix.  When the episode ended, I promptly went into the kitchen and grabbed the box of Jiffy Corn Muffin mix I knew was in the pantry.  I cooked up some bacon and crumbled it...snipped in some chives, threw in some smoked paprika, and some extra sharp cheddar.  I didn't use her exact recipe, because I was doing it by memory, but after typing in a search, I think it was these Corn Muffins with Bacon and Cheddar.  Worth it!

I'm pretty sure that I made these Molletes waaaaay back when I made some bolillos with crunchy bits of cornmeal in them.  Doesn't get much simpler or more satisfying that hollowed out bread heaped high with refried beans, queso fresco, and salsa that is then baked until warm.

Okay, this Smoky Sweet Potato Potato Salad was pretty killer, as well.  If you read Food Network Magazine, you've seen those little inserts each month that give you "50 different somethings".  Well, a couple of months ago, it was potato salad.  Each and every one looked so delicious that I was tempted to give myself a challenge of making every kind.  But then reality set in and I realized I didn't have time for that.  So, the thick slices of sweet potato tossed with a mayo spiked with chipotle, scallions, and cilantro had to carry me through.  And it did.  I still think about it.  Often.

Okay, if you haven't guessed by now, whenever hubby is off work and I "don't feel like" cooking breakfast, I ask him to do it.  And in case you also haven't guessed, it's because when he does, he gives me plates heaped with mouthwatering, nose-tingling Mexican vittles.  Like these Black Bean & Chorizo Tostadas.  Chunks of avocado and queso fresco...cilantro...salsa verde and sour cream...need I say more?

In true slacker form, I bring you an adventure from last month over at Forging Fromage{sigh}  The sad thing is, I made this Pineapple Habañero Hot Sauce before Natashya and I even "formally" issued the challenge.  It just kept getting pushed back further...and further...and further.  By adding about a quarter of a pineapple that I caramelized really nicely on the grill to a batch of Rick's Habañero Hot Sauce...I got a big bottle full of tasty, yet totally mouth-numbing goodness.

...and this is one of the things I made with that hot sauce...Pineapple Habañero Hot Wings.  Fair warning: have a bucket full of ice cold cervezas within reach to put out the fire.  In your mouth.  I made them the "usual" the oven, though- not fried.  Dipped in a mixture of hot sauce and melted butter.  Mmmm.

Oh my gosh!  I feel about twenty pounds lighter after clearing out these photos.  Thanks for sorting through the mish-mosh with me.  Wonder how long I can keep the folder "clean"?