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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roasted Poblano Salpicón w/ Smoked Salmon

The other day, I asked (my Mexican) husband (okay, he's my only husband) what 'salpicón' meant.

And he's like - I don't know.  

And I'm all - What!?

And then he says - Just because I'm Mexican doesn't mean I know what every word in Spanish means.  I haven't heard that word before.  Do you know what every word in the English language means?

So I say - Pssshhh.  Yes!  [ I page through the dictionary in my head trying to think of a word I don't know.  Which is a contradiction in and of itself.]

Okay fine.  So just because he's Mexican...and just because he's spoken Spanish his whole life doesn't necessarily mean that he knows every thing there is to know about Mexico and the Spanish language.  But it also doesn't mean I will stop asking.  And ruffling his feathers a little when he doesn't know the answer.
So I looked it up.  In Mexico, Salpicón is basically a "salad" mixture of chopped or sliced meats, seafoods, and/or vegetables.  It is usually served as a filling for tacos or roasted poblanos or as a topping for tostadas.  Cool.  Easy enough.  Broad enough.  Vague enough.  It's a general term.  And it may stem from (or be related to) the French meaning of the word Salpicon - a mixture of one or more ingredients that have been minced or diced and held together with a sauce.

So, after I told the hubs what it meant, I preceded to make a Salpicón.  It's a (seemingly) crazy combination - hot-smoked salmon (LOVE!), roasted poblanos, and red onions.  A little oregano.  I brought it all together with a drizzle of olive oil.  And then I topped crispy tortilla chips with it.  It was amazing.  Smoky and salty and spicy and strong...hooo-wee!

Roasted Poblano Salpicón w/ Smoked Salmon

by Heather Schmitt-González
Prep Time: 10-15 minutes
Cook Time: n/a
Keywords: condiment snack side fish chiles salmon Mexican

Ingredients (serves 2-4)
  • 8 oz. (~3 medium) Poblano chiles
  • 1 small red onion, cut into ¼" dice
  • 4 oz. (hot-)smoked salmon*, skin removed & flaked
  • ½ tsp. dried Mexican oregano
  • good olive oil
  • freshly squeezed lime juice
  • freshly ground black pepper
to serve:
  • tortilla chips or crackers
Roast your poblanos over an open flame or under a broiler until blistered and blackened all over, 5-10 minutes. Place in a bowl and cover with plastic (or carefully slide into a large baggie and close. Allow to steam and cool for a bit and then rub off the skin and pull out the stem and seeds; rinse to remove any stray seeds or bits of skin, if needed. Chop into ¼" dice.

Rinse diced onion under cold water in a strainer. Shake dry.

Place everything in a bowl and toss gently to combine. You'll just need a few squeezes of a lime, a drizzle of olive oil, and pepper to taste.

If not using immediately, cover and refrigerate. If you are...enjoy as a garnish or scooped up and eaten with chips or crackers like you would salsa (that's how I like to eat it).

*note: by (hot-) smoked salmon, I mean the type of salmon...smoked in a smoker or using wood chips.  It doesn't need to be hot (temperature-wise) or hot (spice level).  Although, if you want to use a smoked salmon with flavor (maple, peppercorn, spicy, whatever), I'm sure that would be tasty.  Also feel free to try this with (cold-) smoked salmon (lox/gravlax), if you wish...I just love me some (hot-) smoked salmon, and it goes so perfectly here.

adapted from Fiesta at Rick's
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  1. Virginia - Virgie's PlaceAugust 22, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    I've been on a Salmon kick lately and this is going to be perfect for last night's leftovers. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Yum!

  2. This sound delicious! I'm not familiar with the term "hot-smoked" salmon. Does that refer to the way it was smoked or does it mean it's spicy?

  3. "Hot-Smoked" is the cooking method. Smoked in a smoker or with wood chips as opposed to "cold-smoked" which is actually cured (lox). Although you could really use whichever kind you like. But I love, Love, LOVE hot-smoked salmon. And you could also use any variety of hot-smoked.

    Hmmm....did I clear that up or confuse you further? ;P

  4. Interesting! I'll keep my eye out for hot-smoked salmon - sounds like something I would love.

  5. Definitely do. I think the flavor is just fantastic. You could smoke some yourself, if you're so inclined, but when I buy it, I usually find it in single fillets (~4 oz.) sort of shrink-wrapped (sort of...the actual term escapes me right now) and kept cold near the fish counter at the market. I attached a pic of some I just so happen to have waiting for me in the fridge right now....'s also great on a pizza w/ alfredo, onions, olives & cheese or flaked over a caesar salad, or tossed into pasta! Or in an omelet. Or just w/ crackers...

  6. This looks so delicious! I have never tried hot-smoked salmon, not even sure whether have I seen it around here before! Would love to try it though!

  7. Actually, I have bought this before! Just didn't pay attention to cooking method. Love!

  8. I love the colors in this salad. Thanks for the laugh. The exchange between you and your husband tickled me! I hope to be back posting with IHCC this week.

  9. I don't care what it's called... it looks amazing. It's been too long since I've had smoked salmon... that's going on my list!

  10. Heather - this is terrific, great combination of ingredients. We love salmon. Your recipe is very creative. Brava!

  11. Loving the flavors of this!! You guys are too cute.

  12. You're right - totally vague enough and perfect to make your own version. Roasted pepper and smoked salmon sounds like a terrific combination.

  13. Heheh I assume the same sorts of things out of my friends with a different background. I like to think I have a good grasp on the English language :P

  14. Joanne @ eats well with othersAugust 23, 2012 at 7:23 AM

    I always get on my boyfriends case about Greek dishes he doesn't know...comes with the territory :) I love that there's smoked salmon in this!

  15. I love salmon, so no doubt, that dish has to be tried.
    Interessting facts about the word salpicon, I learned something more today.

  16. oh my goodness, this looks fabulous! i've never seen salmon served this way, i can only imagine how delicious it is!

  17. "Salpicón is basically a "salad" mixture of chopped or sliced meats, seafoods, and/or vegetables" I think this concept rocks and I'm glad I learned it. Even if salpicón isn't in Roget's Mexican Thesaurus, lol.

  18. I love the cute conversation you both had. ANd I'm drooling over this delicious recipe!!!!

  19. Glennis-Can't Believe We AteAugust 26, 2012 at 12:52 AM

    Thanks for sharing the witty repartee from your's nice to know there are others who have this kind of conversation!! I think you're on to something with the French origin though...or it went the other way...?? Regardless...This is officially ON my to do list!! The next time I don't have to float a loan to buy salmon that is! *giggle* I have a stove top smoker...which I adore. This would make a wonderful "it's too hot for anything too hot" snack-meal!

  20. float a loan to buy salmon...ha ha ha ha...I hear ya ;)

  21. Lol, that is too funny!, I am also married to a Mexican and he also is sometimes irritated about my constant questions about all things Mexican. I try to tell him It's not because he's "Mexican" that I ask him, but it's because he is so inteligente! LOL, that always evokes a smile :)

  22. Mmm - I love hot smoked salmon - what a great dish!

  23. I want this dish! It looks so good with the smoked salmon--yum! ;-)

  24. Ohh ~ I could jump right in!!