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Monday, November 16, 2015

Lightened-Up Thanksgiving Menu Options and Food Swaps to Save Calories

I'll admit that I don't normally think about calories when it comes to Thanksgiving. It has always been my favorite meal of the year. I look forward to it from the moment the leftovers from the current year are polished off. I've always figured, as long as I'm conscientious of my choices for the rest of the year, I can go hog wild on that single Thursday.

I'll admit that this might not be the best strategy and that planning my menu with an eye towards health is probably a good idea. So, maybe I'll start with one dish this year. One is better than none, right? Our friends over at My Fitness Pal offered to share this handy infographic on Thanksgiving food swap ideas to help me...and you, if you want to...start thinking about saving calories.

I've also included 25 Lightened-Up menu options after the infographic, so be sure to scroll down for lots of delicious (and healthy!) recipe ideas.
Lightened-Up Thanksgiving Menu Options
Lightened-Up Thanksgiving Menu Options
Lightened-Up Thanksgiving Menu Options

Lightened-Up Main Dish Ideas

Lightened-Up Side Dish Ideas

Lightened-Up Dessert Ideas

Lightened-Up Thanksgiving Menu Options and Ideas