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A Couple of SNEAK PEAKS and WOO HOOS!!! FOODISTA Best of the Food Blogs Cookbook & WIKIO Food Blogs rankings update

Sneak Peak Numero Uno

Just throwing some fun stuff out here today.  I found out yesterday that one of the recipes I submitted to The Foodista Best of the Food Blogs Cookbook contest was a winner!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  Raise the roof!  Fist Pump!  High Fives all around!  Happy Dance!  I'm also ecstatic to see some of my blogger friends have also made the cut...take a look at that picture down there and tell me you don't recognize some of those mugs (see mine...2 down, 2 in...on the right)!!  I see LeaAnn, Malou, Katie, Jamie, Nancy, Mathea...who else?  Give me a shout if I missed ya.  I'm going off the pictures I can decipher...wanna wait to go through all of the recipes when I have the evidence in my hot little hands!!! My soup is in stellar company to say the least!  A huge congrats to all of the winners! 
Over 1,500 recipes were submitted, voted on, and whittled down to 100 winners!  Andrews McMeel will publish "the winning blog posts and recipes in a beautiful, full-color, internationally distributed cookbook, set for release on October 19, 2010." ~from Foodista  Thanks so much to Foodista for giving us all this wonderful opportunity...and to everybody who voted!  You can pre-order your copy by clicking on the link below!

Sneak Peak Numero Dos

When I was contacted by Wikio to see if I'd like to put up a sneak preview of the newest Food Blog Rankings on their site, I thought...why not!?  I'd just recently heard of Wikio when somebody pointed out that girlichef was listed there.  All I can say is...very cool!  I love finding new places for girlichef to gain exposure...and I happen to see a couple of other sites in the upcoming top 40 that I read.  I even have some friends and bloggy pals on there go, Deb & Priya ...woot!

"What is Wikio?
Wikio is an information portal with a news search engine that searches press sites and blogs.
With Wikio you can very easily create pages to follow the breaking news that interests you. Our info is continuously updated!
Wikio is a participative service: you can publish an article directly on the site or comment on an existing item.
You can also vote for an article or a group that captures your interest in order to increase its visibility on the site.
Each page offers an RSS feed that allows you to subscribe to receive the information that appears there in the reader of your choice."   ~from Wikio site

So, here's a sneak peak at the soon-to-be-released Food Blog rankings on Wikio!  If you ever see a little symbol like this......that's what it's all about- Wikio!