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Purslane, Heirloom Tomato, & Onion Salad

How do you wish summer adieu?  I prefer to round up a bunch of those warm, juicy globes that look ready to burst from their stems.  Then I snip some of the weeds that I purposefully let grow at their feet.  Maybe I'll even fish a small onion out of its earthen home.  Yes, I think this is the perfect way to give thanks to the beautiful harvest that I was blessed with this year...not huge, but definitely enough for our family.  I saw this salad over at Fat of the Land and just knew it was destined for our table.

Purslane, Heirloom Tomato, and Onion Salad

-(ripe, juicy) heirloom tomatoes...of any variety
-big bunch of Purslane
-small onion, sliced thin
-salt & freshly ground black pepper

Slice your tomatoes into quarters, lengthwise.

Clean the purslane and cut the small bunches off of the thick stems.

Toss the tomatoes, purslane, and onions.  Sprinkle the whole thing with salt and freshly ground black pepper.  The juice from the tomatoes should be enough to form a "dressing" of sorts.  If it doesn't seem moist enough, squeeze a couple of the tomato quarters to help release the juices.

This is my entry into Grow Your Own (GYO) which I am hosting this month.  Don't forget to send me your entries by the end of the month (click on GYO for more info)!  Your post can contain anything you've either grown, hunted, foraged, fished, or raised yourself...or been given by someone else who has done those things. It just needs to be from the month of September.  I'm looking forward to seeing what is local in your area!

*update 2/5/11: I am sharing this with Val at More Than Burnt Toast for "Have a Heart"!
*6/23/11: Also linking up to Renee at My Kitchen Adventures and her Summer Salad Event!
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